Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lewisville Railroad Dog Park on a Sunday!

Trying to shake off my Jetlag, I finally struggle enough energy to bring Toto to his favorite Dog Park!!
Hahaha, this is how they say 'Yo yo yo, HALLO!'
Exchanging Butt Info!
Can spot the busybody Toto???
And all the Beans standing around, so weird huh! I guess I earn ALOT of $$$ if I were to open a BAR COUNTER right in the middle of a dog park!!
Nice skyline ...
Nah Toto don't drink SO MUCH water, but then other dogs DO! Hahaha, dogs just come to any water counter, so the ULTIMATELY friendly TOto always like OTHER dogs drink HIS water!! And he always LEFT with NO MORE water to drink, that is why we have to bring a LARGE bottle!

Me getting BORED!!
YQ has to keep a vigilant EYE on TOto because we being 'RESPONSIBLE' dogparent, we have to pick up his SHIT!

Toto right behind KPO-ing again!
There is one incident, so funny. Toto went off to park himself right next to a lady. I call out to him as usual. Me and YQ can see his reaction; so funny. He abit shock to see that I am right OPposite of where he is sitting. He can still look up at that lady, I think he PARK himself WRONGLY! (Explain: Usually, when we call out to him, he just run over. His reaction was; Toto looking at me, then back at the lady next to him shows that he thought that, that pair of legs was mine.)
It was a good run, and by the time he reached home, he was SO DEAD tired!

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