Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One of the Naugtiest day and CAUGHT on CAMERA!

Today RECORD one of the NAUGHTIEST day since the day we gotten him!
YQ is very angry with TOTO.
We do not know what is up with Toto today.
YQ still brought him for a morning walk before work hoping that the walk would drain some of his energy!

But instead, YQ come home to this ...
And there were shit EVERYWHERE, to be precise 3 spot! 2 on the WRONG SPOT!
YQ nearly LOSE it!! YQ is so upset with Toto, that he crated him and YQ hide inside the bedroom ignoring Toto!
Of course we somehow knew that is going to happen because I saw it ALL ON the MSN VIDEO!! AND YQ rushed home as soon as he can! So we had a HUGE arguement, and IN THE END. We decide Toto has to go to a daycare.

Again we guess, he was teething and that might have been the reason he is so destructive and thus acting out his displeasure with YQ leaving for work. In the evening, after one of his big molar tooth drop out after an hour of tug and war ; YQ mention that he can see that Toto is so much relax and start RUNNING about the house in the middle of the night 1am!!

And the happy Toto finally is back after the tooth fell off ...

This mistake is going to cost us about USD20 to replace the keyboard, and USD10 to replace a chew cable! And a daily fee of USD17 for him to be safely in a daycare center!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

When I am not around ...

The first few days was tortourous ...
He was biting everything and he kept biting the table cloth that is hanging out of the table and pulling down stuffs to bite on! And we have some stuffs that are damage!! Not expensive stuffs, but more then enough for YQ to want to kill him hahahaha ...

Toto try to send me SOS message me on MSN
Toto said:
mummy.. i m naughty today leh. daddy very angry with me. i go bite the table cloth again and new paper fell down.
i did not chew much., just a little only.. but the worst thing is... i killed a mouse.
i go on the glass table n chew off the wired tie on the mouse.. then.. i also chew broke the mouse wired... the mouse is dead liao.
oh no.. daddy just saw the 500g HDD on the ground n i chew the usb wired abit.. and the usb head is dent.. he is still angry. how???

Hahaha too bad, I cannot help him!
Guess he is teething very badly, his front BIG K9 teeth drop a few days later ...

Plus the FIRST day I am not around he SWALLOW a zipper!! Lucky it was vomitted out a few days later too! He was so uncomfortable that the whole night he was vomitting about, and YQ woke up having to do clean up and even got some near the bed, so he has to change the bedsheet too!!!

After all the mishap, YQ try to keep away all the 'HARZARDOUS' items and start afresh. DOGS CANNOT BE TRUSTED when alone!! You cannot guess what is happening in their tiny head!
The zipper head he swallow and vomitted out ...
The huge Canine Fang he dropped right infront of YQ!
A new chair for Toto to jump on!
Tooth growning out ...
YQ throw ALL HIS toy and him into the crate because YQ request him to stay in and he keep walking out to get toys, so YQ just throw ALL his toys in! Hahahaha ...
Heee, I miss him ...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A run in Lewisville, Railroad Park

This is on the saturday before I flew off to Singapore ...

It is not everytuime that you go to a Dogpark and you have dogs that are willing to play with your dog. And then there are sizes and the playfulness of the puppy to consider. There are puppies who only want to HUMP you dog, there are puppies who are running away from your dog. And there are dogs who doesn't want to play. And TOto is very selective, he doesn't like playing with Dogs that are too small in sizes!! And we are lucky that day, Toto met another westie gal who is willing to play with him! Hahaha, Toto is such a magnet to Gal westie huh!
After a few hours of run when he reached home, he still doesn't want to sleep! I caught him biting onto his BEAR head and refusing to let go and still wanting to play!! But he didn't move and nod off to sleep A FEW TIMES, caught on video OF COURSE!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aftermath @ Unleashed Indoor dog park!

We are proud to announce TOTO is housebroken at 16 weeks!
Or even way before that, but when he is feeling unwell, or too excited during play he still has some accident. But now at 19 weeks, he is very stable especially with his poop. So we do not have to worry with accidents when he is at home. The problem now is when we bring him out and he refused to PEE until he is in the car!!

After Saturday run in Unleashed, he had a GOOD NIGHT sleep and slept THROUGHOUT the night, and didn't even wake up in the early morning! And the whole afternoon, he was really groggy and couldn't move much!!

How I wish he can go run in UNLEASHED EVERYDAY!
Too bad it is already close down ...

Cough cough cough ...

YQ and Toto is in the room sleeping; Toto in his crate.
I am washing up the kitchen ...

Suddenly TOTO let out a very fierce bark, not loud but urgent.
He very seldom bark, not even when bullied at play or in pain. He whines ALOT but not bark!
I thought what happen, and by the time I went in!!
Toto is on the bed with YQ already.

I asked what happen.
Toto heard YQ coughing in his bed in his sleep and WORRY because he cannot rush to his side, so he barked for attention and YQ let him out. Toto so worry!!

After that we realised when we cough Toto will stop everything and give us attention!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Changes over the 3mths ...

From a roll of tiny cutesy furball to a WILD furry LONG BALL!
I grew with him too, hahaha ...
I miss the days when he I have to handfeed him and train him simple command.

We don't do that now because we want him to be able to eat by himself. We are worried that when I am not around he cannot eat and wants to wait for us to handfeed him. It took us sometime before he break that habit which including breaking the 'training' habit as well ...

Toto 吃鱼了! (eat fish)

This stunt of Toto always makes both of us break out laughing!!!
Firstly he already look like a cat, and now he jump for fish LIKE ONE TOO!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

1st and last @ Unleashed Dog Park!

Finally we can bring Toto to the Unleashed Indoor dog park, but they have made announcement that the dog park will be closing! ARRRRrrghhh SO SAD. It is a great place, with Air Con, Cafe, Wi-fi and synthetic grass!! WHY WHY WHY!!

I am abit allergic to GRASS, everytime we visit those outdoor dogparks I will come home with ALOT of insect bites. THIS PLACE IS GREAT, and I do not have to be exposed to the harmful UV rays, I can look pretty and walk my dog, WHY NOT!

So sad, this will be the first and last time we will be visiting the DOG park, hopeful they relaunch soon and PLEASE OPEN one near PLANO!!
Took lots of picture, but Toto is so happy RUNNING about. IT IS SO HARD to get a good picture of him!!! But he will still come running back to us when he hear us call him, pheeewwww ...
At least he still have US in his heart and will stop play and come running back, especially with YQ's whistle!!

In the end, Toto is infatuated with this Female Westie, MS HONEY!!
He was so happy running, biting and playing a fool with this galgal westie!!
Sniffing around to find a place to POOP!
The only time he calm down for me to shoot some photos!
After POOPING looking for playmate again!!
His gf of the day, a 2 years old Westie; Mz Honey!

Toto at Unleashed dog park!

Toto playing with Mz Honey, a 2yr old westie gal!

When he reaches home, he still don't want to rest, STILL WANT TO PLAY!
Hahaha, got to force him to go rest before he realised that he is REALLY REALLY REALLY tired!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Toto Coarse fur is OUT!

A stranger once ask us,' How did we manage to keep toto so clean and white!'

I do not know what we did right but My guess :
  • We comb him ALMOST daily.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar added to his first batch of water in the morning.
  • After his outdoor run, we spritz him with his shampoo that is mixed with water, and we wipe him out with a towel THOROUGH and he hates that!
  • He keep to ONLY his SOLID GOLD KIBBLES and water, we seldom give him treat and other kind of food
  • I think my best bet will be the kibbles, because even his moustachy is not stained.

BUT maybe he is still a puppy, and that is why he is still clean, white and fluffy hahaha

After 2months of hand plucking his fur RELIGIOUSLY,
We finally see result, and we are so HAPPY with ourselves PLUS the fact that we SAVE ALOT of $$$$. One 2 hour session will COST us USD65.00! And I am very sure, we will not be able to see result in 1 or 2 sessions!
Can you spot the coarse hair!?
So heart pain when we are hand stripping him, but Toto's pain tolerance is BERY high. And when I made a mistake and caused him extreme PAIN, he forgive me very quickly. PLUS he seldom snap at me even when I made such mistakes! But he has more patience and tolerate Longer when he is younger!
Now he only listen to YQ! :P
Hopefully YQ will continue to handstrip him when I am not around!
Handstripping also makes the dog SMELL better. So when he starts to have a doggy smell, we will have a round of stripping, either by hand or a ROUGH comb through with a metal comb to pull out his dead fur!

We have progressing to handstripping his head and that is DIFFICULT!
He is now about 15inch long from his neck.
MY FURBALL use to be only about 9inch when he arrives.

And he is officially housebroken.
There are still mistake here and there but the mistakes are getting LESSER and lesser!
But still he needs LOTS of reminder but we are also seeing him getting on NUGI all by himself frequently.
And he knows the command 'GO PEE PEE nugi'! Because he have to do that in order to have access to the PATIO!

So we crate him for first half of the night and the 2nd half he be roaming the house and sleep freely! So after his PEE and POOP in the morning, he will COME KISSING us to wake up and clean after his POOP!

So every morning, we have to wake up and CLEAN SHIT~

Monday, June 7, 2010

Daddy go work, GOODBYE

Today when Daddy is going to work, Toto is at Patio concentrating on a dog that is walking by. So Daddy has no chance to say bye bye face to face. And when Toto comes back into the bedroom to look for me, he started whining, and keep sniffing at the changing room.

He is LOOKING for daddy! I have to keep telling him Daddy go work, not at home. He is not convince, and I have to open the changing room to let him in to sniff one round. After that he sniff ALL THE WAY to the door and kept sniffing the air around the door.

NOT giving up, he goes back into the bedroom and sniff at the changing door AGAIN! I have to repeatedly tell him that his daddy has gone to work. Not giving up, he sat just outside the changing room door and waited!!

I have to crate him to settle him, and let him goes back to sleep.

Haiyo I almost want to call Daddy back to say Goodbye again!

Love this photo ...

My Cat, erm Dog big backside!!!
We removed his PEN, and now he has the habit of bringing all his toy to this area to play!
Erm, we have to throw this ..
And now all his play or bite is supervised. After awhile we will change the chew with Ice to soothe his gum. If not usually he will chew till all his gum is blue black and bleeding!!