Friday, June 4, 2010

Report card of Toto at home alone

A friend came visiting from Singapore, and for these period we are being force to leave Toto at home to fend for himself, the whole day! And for the 6days he did EXTREMELY well! And our friend came at bad timing, Toto was teething these few days.

I really got no heart to crate him or close him in the toilet or kitchen. So we risk giving him the WHOLE living room and kitchen area!!!

First day, we forgot to pull the chair of the dining table, proper, and TOTO manage to jumped onto the dining table and STEAL some french fries that we left over from lunch. This we blame ourselves, we didn't leave enough food and we shouldn't have left HUMAN food openly, PLUS maybe he was REALLY hungry. He didn't eat up ALL the fries, he stop when he is full! Of course he has ALOT of shit that day!

2nd day, Toto start snacking on YQ slipper, and one part of the rubber went missing! YQ went ballastic and kept searching for the missing rubber parts, luckily it was found. YQ had no faith in our Toto, I KNEW Toto wouldnt eat foreign objects. He started chewing because of his teeth and we really couldn't blame him. But then we didn't know he was teething until we see the chew up slipper and check on his teeth!

Poor thing the gum were all swollen, inflamed and bleeding ...
And last day he was left at home for the WHOLE day (12hours), we came home to a dog ON THE dining table again. He was biting on my neck pillow but then nothing is LOST. He might have JUST jump up, but the look on his face when we CAUGHT him is priceless, hahahaha ...

A few days later, we also find out that Toto has been chewing on a soft toy that we left above the sofa. And the Wooden Bat the bear is holding is shredded.

So this few days tat TOto is being left at home taught us what to 'PREPARE' for when YQ has to left him alone at home after I go back to Singapore!

But we were very proud of him, we are not worried about his PEE and POOP issue, they are all done right! Just the chewing part, but he was teething, I guess we couldn't really blame him. So we went out to get MORE chew stuffs for him!

Hopefully it helps ...

The teeth grow out so fast, and another new tooth drop, and YQ manage to find it!
Their baby tooth is HOLLOW!

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