Friday, February 26, 2010

Pups @ 3 Weeks!

In another 3 weeks we can go and visit them!
How cute right, from all the photographs we are already trying to guess each personality! And Mcduff is still my 最爱, because he looks 笨笨! But YQ wants a clever pup, I would prefer a stupid one!
Hahahaha ...
By the way, I think that Mcduff takes NICE photo!
The photographic crazies in me would love a good model right!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pups @ 2 Weeks plus!

(All pictures shown credit to Spring Chateau Ranch Kennel)

New updates from Connie!
They are about 2 weeks plus old and their eyes have just open!
We are going to get our puppy from this 4 boys here! Me and YQ has one common fellow in mind, that is MCDUFF! No reason but this is one of the choice that so co-incidentally match! Maximillion looks good but he seems like a ALPHA to me! And Alpha is definately too time-consuming for me! Cross finger, hopefully we can get MCDUFF!
We are so excited!!
But at this point of time Hubby is still asking me whether I REALLY want a puppy!
Hahahaha ~

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Confirm our Dog Crate! Suncast ...

I like this particular design best but initially we thought that this cannot be used for International Air travel. We were wrong. In actual fact IATA did not 'officially' approved any particular brand or model for Pet's crate. But the crate has to comply with the different airline's requirement. So we find out that this might comply with most airline requirement as well! The cheapest we find online is from but their shipping is very expensive! (USD27.99 + USD11.95 = USD39.94)

Deluxe Pet Carrier
Model #: PCS2417
Size*: 17 1/2" W x 24" D x 18 1/2" H
Color: Light taupe with blue accents
Durable wire and resin design
Includes water and food tray
Perfect for air or car travel
Easy access storage compartments
Personalize with your pet's name - letters included

This crate does not have ODD angle and it would be easily fit into any corner of the house without standing out as a DOG crate! And the colour is also nicer than most commercial dog's crate. Very designer look!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Researching the basic cost ...

We are looking at :

Crates : Getting a IATA approved crate is not cheap, and we couldn't go 'look' for the one we wanted in store, and getting from store is so risky! So far, the cheapest we find online is about USD60.00

Pee pee options : Ugodog is one of our options now but I find it freaking expensive for something made of plastic USD49.90!? I am getting a BBQ mesh and a baking cookie pan to DIY!! But HB wants to pamper his new pup, :(

Food : We decide to feed him DRY and Wet food. In the morning he shall have dry kibbles (Wellness), and in the evening I will cook meat and veg plus rice! We wanted him to be used to dry and wet food so that when he is in boarding when we are not around he can get use to the dry food.

Boarding : Hubby has located a few in THE COLONY area and one with VIEWCAM!! We will go back and visit the area before we leave him there!

Pet pen : We found this IRIS Plastic Exercise / Containment Pet Pen, like alot of 'books' mention we wanted to set up the puppy with success, so we need to create an area whereby he won't be a menace and we won't grow to hate him.

It looks like the basic cost -
Puppy : USD905.00
IATA approved crate : USD60.00
Ugodog Peepee : USD50.00
IRIS Plastic Excercise Pen : USD44.00
One year health plan : USD 350.00 (one year incl. neutering.)

A startup calculation : USD1,409.00

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

@ 5 days old ...

New picture up from Connie (Spring Chateau Ranch)!
These are the males puppies, one of our puppy is inside this litter!!
Look like baby seal!!
So cute, we are so excited ...
(All Pictures credit to Spring Chateau Ranch)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Naming it ...

I wanted to call him SPIDER, Spydee, Spyder BUT after that I decide ...

I want to call him 旺旺 aka One One but ...

Somehow YQ just don't like this name and starts to find others. This is the first time he has a pet dog, I decide to let him have the honour of naming his first dog.

He call it TOTO aka 多多!
So hopefully he can 旺旺 US, and let us win TOTO!!

I tell YQ no matter how he names it, I am calling him, 旺旺!
P/S: We found out, in Wizard of Oz Dorothy's dog is named TOTO too!

Hopefully there won't be any changes!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

After the call ...

YQ was told that he be the 2nd to select a litter of 7 with 3 gals and 4boys ...
But it turn out to be some misunderstanding and we will be the 3rd choice of the 4boys.

After thinking for a ONE full day, we decide to cross hurdles OnE day at a time! If we keep harping ont he hurdles we won't be able to commit to anything! With love, we can go through alot of hurdles to bring him back to Singapore! Hopefully the hurdles won't be too costly, kekeke ~

We signed the contract ...
And bought the Money order of USD100.00 to send over as deposit for one of the puppy!
We are so excited ...
Usually we can get the puppy at eight weeks old.
So we shall see him on 1st April 2010 ...

The IRONY, 1st April 2010 is sort of my 6th year anni, after BMT!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How it all started ...

5 years ago ...
Me recovering from a major illness, and him leaving the country to work.
He wanted to get a companion for me to replace him.
And our love for a white 'manly' dog.

Westie is cute enough for me and manly enough for him.

This is like the ONE common interest that we have!!
Hahaha it is RARE that we have the same taste in something!

And now seems like a good time.

We started searching around the internet and newspaper. We reseach about buying from hobby breeder or pet farm or pet shop etc. And it seems like hobby breeder that sell direct gives the healthiest and happy puppy!!

We wanted something that is near Texas that we can easily drive to and visit the farm. But something in the picture of a Westie baby in the website of Spring Chateau Ranch Kennels (SCRK) that we are so infatuated to! But the ranch is a 8 hour drive away from Texas! Bad ...

But there wasn't any baby available so we started to surf around for immediate availability because we are hoping that it is old enough to take the long flight back to Singapore in August or July!! So we cannot wait too long to get it! Checking about we didn't see any that we wanted, and there wasn't any Ranch that we can visit within our vicinity as well.

We are still thinking of SCRK and after proscratinating and pushing about, YQ finally made the call to them on 04 February 2010! And guess what, they have a NEW LITTER the day before YQ call in! OMG, 7 baby puppies from AKC Sired Daddy Baxter and First time Mommy Mckinsey!

Picture credit to Spring Chateau Ranch.

I tell YQ, it is all fated and meant to be. We have to get the puppy now.
OMG, we will be getting a puppy from this litter!