Saturday, June 30, 2012

TOto's 1st 4th July Firework

We are so excited, this will be our first family outing for 4th July Celebration!
For the past few years, I always goes back to SG during this period of time; thus always missing out 4th JULY! But this year Daddeee has to work BUT he came back just in time! The parking was HELL, still we manage to find a place.
It is a HUGE FUN FAIR but the event were very rowdy and noisy and TOto starts his panicky self again! He used to be able to take in and tolerate all these rowdiness, I wonder what happen?
He seems to be very panicky and uneasy with all the noises of the environment.

SO we didn't walkabout and found a place to settle down with our foldable chair!
But TOto is still very panicky and tries to RUN OFF a few times hahaha.
(Running off meaning pulling the leash and leading Daddeee back to his car!)
And my leg is full of TOto panicky struggling paw's scratches!
It is actually WORST than it looks on the picture.
Later on, he starts to calm down and rather sat on the ground.
When the fireworks started, TOto cannot get his eyes off all the blink blink in the sky!
He seems to be enjoying the show but still shivers abit when the fireworks launches with the loud bang!

His eyes did not leave the firework throughout the whole show!

The firework display is spectacular!
TOto seems angry with us hahaha!
He refused to kiss me throughout the whole show, and was pulling his face away from me.
At almost the end, he relaxed abit and rested his face on my knee ...
But still very vigilant!
We wonder does he enjoy the show?
The way he just wants to scurry off, and gets back into the car, should be my answer ...
I wonder if we watched the fireworks display in the comfort of our car or home, would he feels more comfortable?

He is back to his old self once he is back at home!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Having fun with Androids Camera App!

Memo of THE day!

Mammeee thinks this is Memo EVERYDAY!
But we are happy!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photoshoot of the day!

Doing the wardrobe ...
Warming up with treats!
Yeah TOto, "FOCUS"!
OK he needed more encouragement aka more treats!
And now TURN YOUR HEAD ...
TOto doing the Tyra Bank SMIZE!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TOto's Zippy stroller!

After the last outing, I MADE THE DECISION; we have to get a Pet stroller BECAUSE when TOto is tired, mammeee has to carry him! And mammeee has no strength carrying a 20lb furkid walking about a EXPO!

In my heart, I do not want to exceed the budget of USD50, so our selection is very limited!

We saw alot of people using the first DARK BLUE stroller shown in the picture when we are at the Dallas Pet Expo. That is the cheapest type of Pet stroller we see on Ebay but still selling at about USD52.00 for TOto's weight but the structure looks kinda of flimsy. 

The ORANGE Stroller is another 'Brandless' stroller that we see online selling for USD52.00 but Hubbie is very skeptical about the QUALITY. But the seller has lots of colour available and I love the ORANGE!

I loved the YELLOW Stroller but it is a refurbished and selling @53.00 which is also a very COPYCAT design to PetGear's Happy Trail (BLUE colour)! Daddeee is leaning towards PetGear's Happy Trail because it has some good reviews on but it absolutely EXCEED our budget; it is selling cheapest @$90.00!!

You can call me stingy but I don't want to get something so expensive and in the end TOto refused to use it! And in the end the money is wasted. If I AM VERY SURE TOto will use them, then I have no qualms about getting a good and expensive one. So we search on ...

Most better brands are selling for at least USD100 and above, and I am still hoping we can get a 3 wheeled Jogger stroller which is even costlier!

Mammeee suddenly thought of Craiglist and so we tried our luck there!
There are indeed a few sellers trying to get rid of their Pet strollers, and although there are a few good 'choices' but mostly people are selling their PINK stroller! But still Heaven is on our side, we spotted a PETZIP Lime Green stroller is on sale and only used once by her Chihuahua. This is one of the more 'branded' stroller we researched online too. I immediately emailed her and bargain abit more, and she agreed immediately. Hahaha it is indeed a VERY BARGAIN price, but we are not going to reveal here hahhahaha because we might want to resell it if TOto doesn't want to use them!

Petzip Sports XL is selling for about USD140+ online!

It was a fast deal, I contacted the seller 9pm, she replied and I collect the next day morning 11am.
It is freaking hot again, very soon after we paid and collected the stroller; surprisingly TOto jump up IMMEDIATELY without much coaxing!

The stroller is really NEW with some cosmetic scratches at the plastic which we realised is unavoidable during folding. And I love the matching of grey and lime green color!
It folds down rather easily too!

Fits into our small car boot!
And we decide to bring him to a AIR CON Mall for training!
He did quite well without Barking and moving too much.
But if I move infront of him, he doesn't allow that and would scratch on the net.
He looks rather grouchy in the net but I think he knows he has to stay inside and he behaved rather well too! Alot of people didn't realized that we have a furkid inside because TOto doesn't bark hahahaha!

Waiting for weekend to come and test out the stroller again but he did real well on the first try out.
He willingly jump right into the stroller from the car, and jump right into the car from the stroller!

I hope this Stroller can help us through the tough summer in Texas!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dallas Pet Expo 2012

It is at least 40C and feels like 100C ...

The admission to the event is FREE but the car park is USD10.00!
It was a short walk to the actual building but because of the HEAT, it feels like a 20minutes walk!
But we are glad that the event is INDOOR and air-conditioned!
Warning overloaded with LOTS and LOTS of  PICTURES; enter at own risks!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TOto & the Invisible biscuit!

He is so dumb, ahem maybe I should use the word 'naive' instead; you cannot help but want to laugh at him!

This video will at least make you break out a smile!

Monday, June 18, 2012

20120619 @ Celebration Park

Sleepy, 睡豆!

It is 11.00am in the morning ...

And he ignores me, *YAWNS*!
And goes back to sleep ...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Casanova TOto

He keeps looking back at the 2 young pretty girls who is flying kite ...
Luckily he still loves mammeeee most!