Saturday, June 2, 2012

Denton Dog Day 2012

It was a 1hour drive in 37C weather to Denton! 
WE woke up too late and by the time we reached most doggies event were over!
There were alot more vendors as compared to last year ...


Mammeee were hot and sweaty and in a MESS, hahaha!
TOto very bad habit, whenever we rest anywhere; he will only sit on my LAP~

Water tub for the dogs!

Daddeee decides to queue for some lucky draw ...

Yeah big smile for mammeee ...
And mammeee draw herself a FRISBEE!
Yeah, that is what I wanted ...

We didn't stay too long, it was too hot ...
When we say 'Go Home', TOto was so happy!
A 1 hour drive here but we stay only for 35minutes ...
And he is knocked out for the rest of the day ...
I loves the doggies' event here but the weather is such a KILLER!


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Grats on the frisbee!! haha :)

    How do you find all these events? It feels like your area has a lot more fun dog events to go to.

    1. Dallas have this pet column on its Dallas news website, and every friday it will be updated on the current weekend event whereby they are pet friendly! So we just choose the one we wanted to go, if the weather permits sometimes we go for a few event per day!