Thursday, June 7, 2012

TOto's Report : What's dat shoes with wheels?

TOto dink recently mameee and daddeee is UP TO NO WOOF!
Some weird looking shoes came in and they are so excited!! But TOto is clewer, TOto be near the wheels; so TOto is included in the excitement ~
TOto see mameee keep snapping furtographs of the shoes but TOto should be the superstar!
TOto dink, TOto should start POSING, and mammeee's attention will come back to Moi, moi, MOI!
"WHAT, daddeee got one pair of that shoes thingy too!"
"Is daddeee and mameee going to throw TOto away!?"
"TOto better BE REAL NEAR daddeee and mammeee, NEW TOYS!"
"Hmmmmmfffppphhh, TOto should always be the CENTER OF ATTENTION!"

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