Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TOto that is MY smellie blankie!

Recently TOto has been very tired because Hubs has been bringing him to the Daycamp daily. And we thought this way he won't have time to miss me. But TOto has his way to show he misses me!

I had purposely folded and place my pink blanket high above the pillow so that TOto couldn't get to it because TOto very seldom 'dare' to climb up our pillow and slept on top of us!

But we guess he really missed me ...
Haha he missed me so much he has to nuzzle his nose into my smelly blankie to sniff my scent out of it!
That 'area' has become his source of comfort at night.
I miss you very much too, TOto ...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

missing mammeee ~

TOday TOto is whining to Hubs in the patio ...
Hubs says that it seems like TOto asking," Where is mammeee?"

Friday, June 24, 2011

TOto misses Mammeee!

'Gou Gou' is TOto!
Gosh, I woke up to this phone message.
And Hubs told me, after TOto is brought back from Daycamp that same day, he ran everywhere in our small apartment looking for me; bedroom, wardrobe, Patio, Toilet and laundry room searching! That is unusual because TOto is trained to walk right into the kitchen for his clean up! But when he is naughty, he will escaped and ran into the bedroom to give me a morning kiss!

Then after cleaned up, he settled down and starts to wonder why I never call out to him; TOto starts searching for me again everywhere in the house. And when TOto cannot find me, he looks at my Hubs wondering ...

The next day, Hubs brought TOto to daycamp as usual. And normally TOto cannot wait to RUSH IN not even turning back to say 'Good bye'! But that day, TOto actually turn back and bang Hubs leg and look at Hubs. Hubs say that it is like TOto 'REMINDING' Hubs, "Don't forget to come fetch TOto huh!'

In the evening, Hubs went to fetch TOto as usual. On some days, I'll be next door doing some groceries, and Hubs would walk over to fetch TOto, and after TOto does his business, Hubs would bring TOto to wait for me right outside the grocery store. And on this particular day after his usual buiness, TOto refused to board the car and PULL Hubs right to the grocery store, sat there and wanted to wait for me!!!

I am so heartbroken hearing all that!
They really do have memories like Hachi in the Richard Gere's movie!

TOto hang in there, mammeee is coming home soon ...
I don't whether I am happy that TOto misses me or I should be so sad that he seems to be really missing me so much!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Leaving for home to another part of the world...

I woke up even earlier than TOto today and we have decided to send him into Daycamp in the morning. We don't want him to see the moving of the luggages. We don't want him to associate Luggages shuffling with Mammeee missing.

During weekdays I very rarely send him to camp but Hubs don't want me to regret not sending him and then missing him for a month. And I get to see how naughty is TOto. Just walk him sniff around and starts to bully other dogs!!

There is a scene at 2:25 minutes, that is a MUST SEE, a brown dog 'STANDING' by the side watching TOto play! It is so FUNNY! The brown dog is even looking at the camera and looks like we saw him watching, and he is so shy he walked away!

I missed TOto so much, I had to replay the video in my camera several times during transiting and on flight!
I wonder does TOto miss me ...

Updated a shorter clip showcasing the weird brown dog!
Only 55sec watch till the end for the 'Standing' on two paw Brown dog!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Human to Canine Pairing software - Doggelganger

Human to Canine Pairing Software

Extract from Website :
"Studies have shown that some of the happiest dog and owner pairs share similar features, personality traits, even body types. That’s why The Pedigree Adoption Drive and NEC developed Doggelgänger: Human to canine pairing software, designed to connect real homeless dogs to their human doubles."
This website is so fun, they match you to your canine buddy!
I am a pretty Samoyed or American Eskimo??

Hubs is a Fierce Matiff!!
So funny!

Didn't know I would resemble a Samoyed or a American Eskimo!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

In ONE night ..

He has to sleep here, sleep there and sleep sleep everywhere ...
Usually he has three favourite corners, and he doesn't like to be crated to sleep at night. I wonder why!? But some nights when he gets very restless and keep wanting to go out to the room to bark, we will crate him although he is unwilling!! In the afternoon, he will automatically walk into his crate to sleep BUT NOT at night!

I suspect, at night TOto think that he is the 'Security Guard' because Mammeee and Daddeee is sleeping so he cannot be crated, he need to he on HIGH ALERT but in the afternoon when Mammeee is wide awake he can go sleep without any care in the world!
We are very democratic when it comes to TOto, so we usually start the night with asking him,'TOto you want to sleep crate or bed?' He will start to walk over to his bed and sleep there, FIRST ...
While we are busy surfing net, I turn back and he went missing ...
Then I realised he is RIGHT UNDER my FEET, snuggling his his tiny bed!
After sometime, TOto got himself lost in the room again!
And looking around the small bedroom, he was right next to Hubs by the side sleeping like that ...
Gosh where is his head???
So acrobatic!? I bet he will wake up with a bad neck pain!
I always wish we can get into his head ...

Friday, June 17, 2011

OLD Habit die hard!

This corner is TOto's food corner since DAY 1, and just yesterday I need to mop the kitchen's floor so we have to crate off the area, and we move his dinner bowls to another area near the Patio door.

Guess what, TOto go sniffs his food and then walked away and sat next to the kitchen area!!!

It was like telling us,' Mammeee, I should eat here in the kitchen!'
Both me and Hubs, "SILENT"!

More photographs of TOto's nakedness!
It was such a tiring Handstripping night, TOto didn't ask for food or go downstair till 1pm the next day afternoon!! BUT he still woke up at 5am to go out to the Patio, and request to come in at 8am but didn't request for food and comes straight to bed!!
Still some uneveness, have to 'trim' more!
It is actually very naked close up!
But isn't the nakedness better for the hot hot summer!?
Hahahahaha ..
But I have to remind Hubs to help TOto wear a tee if he is bringing TOto out in the afternoon, prevent SUN BURNT!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stripped BARE!

In the morning, he is still fluffy but sleepy...
At night I spent a good 2.5hours from 8.00pm - 10.30pm squatting downstairs hand-stripping TOto while Hubs holds him down! I have to squat and stretch, stretch and squat until my arm feels numb from all the handstripping's action!

Look at the bare back! It is almost 'BARE', and Hubs is not very happy about it!
I spend so much time and effort but no appreciation, fed up!
Anyway the 'Bare Back' is good for a SUMMER cut, hopefully this stripping can last longer ...
It is too late for a clear picture, maybe tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rural Westie in a Urban WOrld, 'Faking a Dig!'

This is what naughty TOto does when he wants some attention! We are in the living room doing our own stuffs ignoring TOto and  TOto starts to push his Chew bones underneath the tables and starts digging making alot of digging noises, and sometimes he will scratch our feet or whines for us to help him get the bones. We are so used to his 'fake' antics, now we just ignore him!
But it is so fun watching him do that!!

And NO, there isn't any gold underneath the table ...

A night in Lewisville DOgpark 06.15.2011

I am handstripping TOto recently and thought to strip his butt (one the thickest area) in the park after his run when he is very tired and Hubs can hold him for me. So we waited till all the others have left and we start to handstrip him. At one point a police officer stops by, I thought we are being 'caught' for littering the area with FUR! But the patrol officer was very nice, he offered k9 Medical Help, he thought TOto was hurt with all the 'Attention' we are giving him! But we did manage to finish that 'butt', And I am left with his 'NECK'; in my opinion the most difficult part.

Today is a Full moon night, can you spot the moon?
Difference of a higher end and lower end picture, most are BLUR!
Even with editing, it didn't help much, still BLUR!
Slow to capture.
There isn't much dogs tonight, to be specific only TWO!
And both doesn't play ...
So Hubs have to play with him ...
TOto's eye is always on the 'Orange' ball!
TOto go drink water ...
TOto's drinking station!

Warm but windy night, and TOto is exhausted by the time he reached home
BUT he still wakes up at5.30am.
Sun, STOP rising so early!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A usual weekend run downstair 06.11.2011

Some lady asked whether our dog is a 'Show Dog' because TOto is so pretty! *Proud* TOto is indeed one good-looking westie!
TOto is not feeling really well so we decide not to daycamp him and crate him at home instead. So we brought him down for his usual 45 minutes to 1 hour run!

These are some of the photographs that I had taken and I had uploaded a video too!
These are some daily mundane stuffs but I really want to 'record' this memory somewhere so that I won't forget them one day when I leave this place ...

Love this photograph of TOto fetching his ball back!
A boy walking his Tze-tsu walks past ...
Tze-tsu comes says 'Hi'!
Tze-tsu has such short nose when they sniff the grounds it looks like their WHOLE Face is stuck to the ground; it is so funny!
A very tired dog under the hot hot hot sun!
TOto '喝水'!
(Drink water)
Hey this is a better picture with his famous Westie's tail UP HIGH!
This video took the whole day to be upload!
*Bleah* HD Video ...

One of his favourite resting spot right out of the office door, a rocking chair!
Smile TOto mammeee wants to take photographs!
Weeeeeeeeeee, he is finally tired!!!
We sneaked our rather late ...
We usally rushed back before the sunset, and recently sunset at about 9pm and we had so much extra time! TOto's sense of time is SUN-rise and SUN-set so as long as we come back before SUN-set, he will think it is 6pm and dinner time!!

Dadddeee HATE this PINK float but this is on discount at USD6.99, ignoring the colour it is a GOOD BUY! We are maybe using this for once or twice for a 'Tubing' trip I planned to go so I don't want to invest in a 'USUAL' price flat for TOto!
So cute right especially with all the PINK flowers, wahaahahaha!
He cannot stand the 'Humiliation', he goes bite TUrtle to sleep!

Till he fell asleep!
Woke up adjust and goes back to sleep!

While looking through the photographs in my camera, suddenly TOto was in my face with one of his toy to play!! I thought he is sleeping already? Maybe he just want to forget the 'Pink Vest' humiliation that why he pretend to sleep hahahahaha ...
TOto, this girly frisbee toy is one of your earliest toy we brought along to fetch you with!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Waking at 5AM everyday!

Texas sun rises really early recently and I thought his 'Ninja' morning shift is shortlived but I was so wrong, he is still waking up RIGHT before sun rise! So we decide to bring him for a run in the dog park the night before and make sure he is so WIPE OUT!

There wasn't much doggies around but he had fun with a 5 month old Beagle X, 'Merani'?
They played chase, mostly Merani chased Toto and  they wrestled!
We were secretly laughing in our heart,'Run TOto, run ~'!
Hopefully you get SO KNOCKED out, you can sleep till 12pm with Mammeee ~
But TOto had the last laugh, athough he was VERY TIRED but he still wake up at 5.30am. Yeah, I forced open my eye to look at the time! I let him out of the Patio. After a 2 hours morning shift, he decide he was hungry at 7.14am, I had to wake again to feed him and SLAM back to bed. About 10 minutes later, 7.24am, he is still whining in the kitchen and that is the cue that 'Food not enough', I have to wake up to top up another 1/8 cup of kibbles.

8am, TOto sat beside me and whine; he wants to play.
At this point, I want to die, I call out for hubs to let him out of the patio!

And when TOto has his morning walks by Hub and finally woken me up to clean TOto up from his walk! At about 11pm, TOto start to sleep till 6.30pm when Hubs is back from work!

I think TOto knows that he has the afternoon to sleep that why he become such a brat in the morning!!
I should sent him to Daycamp more to prevent him sleeping in the afternoon!!!!!
I thought Dogs would usually  'adhere' to their human beans schedule!?

TOto you do not have to do 'Guard Duty', you can sleep 24hours and no one would CARE!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dog Day of Denton 2011 - Pt 2

Recently TOto has this habit of waking up before dawn, about 5am, and going to the patio for his morning shift Guard-duty. And after sun rise about 7.30am, his shift end, he will knock to come in from the Patio and has his breakfast! I so poor thing has to wake at 5am to open door, 7.30am to open door and fixed his breakfast! *Sleep Deprivation*
TOto is still resting from yesterday Denton's Day!
Mammeee has time to update blog and watch TV.

One of the toys that TOto love most from Denton Dog day's gifts, is this Tug rope with a rubber bone!
It was a surprise to us, we thought he has quit his rubber fascination.

Enjoying his Rope chew after a long day and a bath!

TOto looks so pretty, I cannot help but take a few more pictures!!
And he smell so good ...
Hahaha, daddeee thinks that after a long day he still not sleeping and that is how he is being 'PUNISH'!
Placing all the toys on TOto!
The darndest thing the 2 of them do at home!
GOsh it is really a long day for us!