Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Human to Canine Pairing software - Doggelganger

Human to Canine Pairing Software

Extract from Website :
"Studies have shown that some of the happiest dog and owner pairs share similar features, personality traits, even body types. That’s why The Pedigree Adoption Drive and NEC developed Doggelgänger: Human to canine pairing software, designed to connect real homeless dogs to their human doubles."
This website is so fun, they match you to your canine buddy!
I am a pretty Samoyed or American Eskimo??

Hubs is a Fierce Matiff!!
So funny!

Didn't know I would resemble a Samoyed or a American Eskimo!


  1. How cool is that! Not too bad of a match for you and your hubby. I have a feeling my husband will end up being matched to a Saint Bernard or a Newfoundland. As for me, perhaps a Cocker Spaniel or Golden Retriever. LOL, wishful thinking :)

  2. LOL I tried this couple months ago. So not accurate for me!! Your hubby's quite funny leh, even the angle is the same :P

    You are pretty Japanese Spitz!!

  3. Hahaha ya hor looks like a spitz too! Mine also buay zhun, my nose where got so sharp! I am more like a tze tsu flat nose bah hahahaha!