Sunday, February 24, 2013

Out to Lewisville Dog Park!

After the successful experiment, trying out Takoyaki withCakepop Machine, we brought TOto out to his favorite Dog park. We actually felt guilty for not bringing him more often after we moved. It used to be a 8 minutes drive here but now it takes about 20 minutes drive down! We used to come almost 2-3 times every week but now it dwindled to once a month? Not that we don't bring TOto out, we do but Lewisville Dog Park will always have a special place in TOto's heart. You can see how he skip and runs into the dog park and be ready to play instantly! But at any other place, he is usually on defensive mode and maybe be on a lookout for 20 minutes before he is really to do anything!!!

It is always different here ...
Now that he is older, he is satisfied with some light socialising, and just play fetch with daddeee!

And alot of ROLLING on the ground, getting himself stuck with all the dry grass and dirt!
Arrrrghhhhh ...


A good day to go to the dog park!
Now that Spring is around the corner, we should start to get active again!
And mammeee need to lose some weight to wear her sexy shorts and sleeveless top, hahaha.
Daddeee making me take these pictures again and again AND AGAIN!
His hair is just FLYING everywhere!
Hahahaha ...
I don't care, I upload EVERY ONE Picture of his unflattering hair!
And if I upload mine, I make sure its brighten, soften and bloomed!
Hahahaha ~
Just an hour, and he is pooped out!
I should have a easy tomorrow with TOto!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

TOto is 3!

Happy birthday TOto!

"Mammeee, this for me?"
"Woaaaahhh, he looks real ..."
"So real ....!"
"Let me snifff snifff kay!?"
"Mammeee, woooof likey!"
"See we best buds!"

Love love a happy pooch!