Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Smile can?

TOto you look so unfriendly!
Can smile for mammeee!?
Ok that's better!
I love your smile!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Having FUN @ Celebration Park - 20120524

A ball +  bowl of water 
A very Happy furboy!

Happier, CAN OR NOT!??
Ok accepted!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Concert @ Joe Farmer Recreation Center

Concert is not TOto's cup of tea.
He is very restless and kept wanting to move about ...
The next time, maybe we would just tires him out before we bring him to any outdoor concert or movies!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

WRNT Ice cream event - just for westies!

We missed the Westie walk they organised last year so we make sure we can come for the next event!

We arrived late at about 12pm.
But upon arrival we spotted the agility course immediately!
And brought TOto for some 'training'!
And he did some great jumps, and gained some applause!

We unleashed TOto for the whole event but he followed us tightly ...
We just want him to enjoy himself thoroughly and we 'trust' him not to run away!
TOto certainly behaved better offleashed, we wonder WHY!?
Then there were a agility performances by some of the rescued westies!
Everybody just gathered around and chats about our precious westies!

TOto decides to leave his 'mark'!
Each and every westies are so similar but still unique in their own ways!
You must be wondering where is the ICE-CREAM!? The last time TOto tried ice-cream, he diarrhea! So we purely came down to support the event because I think these non-profit Rescue Organisation are for a great cause especially when you see how happy and healthy some rescued westies are now ...

After the event ended, we left for another event at Pet Supplies Plus and was trying TOto for some airline approved bags! He looks so cute in the bag ...
TOto confirm has a BIG HEAD!
By the time we are going home, he is sooooooooooooooooo TIRED!
The hot weather tires out TOto easily!

Friday, May 18, 2012

'Chikita' Reunited ...

It was the a rare morning that Mammeee wakes up very early and decide to walk TOto in the early morning  6.30am; because the weather is so cooling. 
TOday is like any other day except a Chihuahua unleashed approached TOto. I didn't think much of anything because there are a few unleashed dogs and a black cat (Saban) that roam our area. But this is the first time I see this Chihuahua.

He was following us wherever we go. 
From what I see, unleashed roaming dogs seldom roam out of their 'comfort' zone and follows other dogs about ...

But he just follows, even crossing the road with us. I start to think whether this a LOST dog? 
Hmmmm, TOto was actually quite annoyed by this 'hyper' Chihuahua, disturbing TOto's pooppy session. I decide to try letting it follow us to the 'Apartment Cluhbouse' and trap it inside till the staffs come in. At least I know he will be safe inside ...

But while walking over, I hear someone shouting across the street on a 3rd storey balcony. Hmmmm at ME? Yah, I cannot figure out what they are shouting about but I think I hear the name 'Chikita'? I suspect they must be the owner. And sure enough a lady ran down shoe-less, and claim Chihuahua. 

The lady approached me with hostility! I suspect she thought I kidnapped their Chihuahua! She asked where and when I find him, and she told me she has been crying throughout the night ...

'Chikita' happily trotting behind the lady and followed her home. 
No doubt, her 'Chikita'~
I guess we are at the right place and at the right time, and with TOto's magnetic charisma, 'Chikita' just stuck to TOto! It is just fated that I do a doggy good deed today!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

TOto waking up ...

early in the morning and start emo-ing.
Waiting for Daddeee to bring him down for his potty session ...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still very tired ...

TOto is still very tired after a stretch of 3 weeks of daily weekdays daycamps.
MrK is very kind, even bringing TOto to the dogpark during weekends too!

Which explains how, now we have a very very tired furkid! He will wake up rather early, toss and turn on the bed. But right after we bring him down for his potty and breakfast, goes back to his sleeping routine ...
Our apartment community has an event today and we just have to bring him along; just because the place is dog-friendly! We are going to a indoor golf-range.
TOto was rather restless and kept scavenging for food because he refused to have dinner before we came out; he is hungry ...
Naughty Boy!
He performs abit better at the end of Hub's game so we decide to reward him and we brought him to the dogpark nearby! But right after TOto came in, there was this noisy, barky Basset Hound which kept barking into TOto's ear. TOto decides he doesn't wants to play anymore, TOto hates noisy dog. The owner of the hound was not even looking after his dog! A barking dog tends to agitate other dogs into fights. 

So we just walks TOto abit and left ...

You are SO CUTE, TOto!
He looks just like a girl, hahahaha!