Sunday, May 13, 2012

Let's go for a walk ...

... to a Farmer's Market ...

As usual he was very tired when he is back at home! MrK has a very strict schedule and wakes up very early EVERYDAY! Finally TOto is back at home and can SLEEP in! And he really SLEPT IN! He even hides his eyes very well into the blanket so that it will be MORE COMFORTABLE for his eyes!
But we have to return the Rental Car so we have to wake TOto up at about 10am!
After returning the car we drove over to a nearby market.
By the time we arrived most of the stalls are closing and we realised the market closes at 12pm!
We brought a Dog, some brought their Goats!
TOto reached home a very tired dog!
Although he still wants a session or two of 'fetch boing boing' but most of the time, he was resting here and there! Looking at him, you can see that he is very tired. SO TIRED, he refused to go all the way down 3rd storey to have his potty session at night! Daddeee has to tempt TOto down promising to be carried down. ONLY then TOto stretched a little, and still refusing to move till Daddeee moved forward to actually carry him out! 

Duhz ~
We guess he still need another 2-3days of rest before he is back to his old self ...

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