Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still very tired ...

TOto is still very tired after a stretch of 3 weeks of daily weekdays daycamps.
MrK is very kind, even bringing TOto to the dogpark during weekends too!

Which explains how, now we have a very very tired furkid! He will wake up rather early, toss and turn on the bed. But right after we bring him down for his potty and breakfast, goes back to his sleeping routine ...
Our apartment community has an event today and we just have to bring him along; just because the place is dog-friendly! We are going to a indoor golf-range.
TOto was rather restless and kept scavenging for food because he refused to have dinner before we came out; he is hungry ...
Naughty Boy!
He performs abit better at the end of Hub's game so we decide to reward him and we brought him to the dogpark nearby! But right after TOto came in, there was this noisy, barky Basset Hound which kept barking into TOto's ear. TOto decides he doesn't wants to play anymore, TOto hates noisy dog. The owner of the hound was not even looking after his dog! A barking dog tends to agitate other dogs into fights. 

So we just walks TOto abit and left ...

You are SO CUTE, TOto!
He looks just like a girl, hahahaha!

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