Saturday, December 31, 2011

TOto's Report : Btow wOOw Wone Twoot ~

TOto, don't know what the big deal twoday! But mammeee says TOto cannot move and take this silly bowtograph when they are keeping the X'mas tree. I bow wow wow likey the tree! TOto find a BIG chew chew under the tree a few days ago and it was yummmmy!

TOto don't like new year, TOto peacefully snoozing in the patio when TOto heard lots of LOUD BANG BANG. TOto tot what happen! Mammeee says not scared, and tell me it is just fireworks! TOto hate fireworks! Don't know why mammeee loves them so much, TOto always scared silly by them, ALWAY!

Grrrrrrrrrr ...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Fish 4 DOGS - Sea Jerky!

Fish 4 Dogs Sea Jerky seems like such a healthy option especially the OMEGA 3 which is so beneficial for TOto's dry skin!

Features & Benefits
(Extract from

Premium, quality, natural treats
No additives, preservatives, or colorings
Contains Omega 3 to promote healthy joints, coat & heart
Gluten free
Delicious - Dogs love the taste
Easy to digest
Single source protein reduces food intolerances
Natural dental treat
But let's look at what is the CON of this product!
The first time, TOto is still very careful with the Fish Jerky. He tried to lick till the Jerky is soft and chewy before he chew into them and we can hear him drinking alot of water so that he can use the saliva to soften the chew. INNOVATIVE thinking huh!!!

But after a few time, he eat the chew like he is eating KEROPOK! 
He just chew through the jerky!
So noisy hahahaha!
All the bits and pieces will fall on the ground and he will LICK up every single bits till the floor is CLEAN!
But the bits are all stuck in his beard!!!
It is so funny to see him trying to lick himself clean but those bits are so slimy and sticky, they are like superglued to his beard!!
TOto, you dirty DOG!
We have to use a flea comb to come out his fur!!
CON, alot of clean up after his Fish Jerky 'keropok'!
In the end we still have to use a brush to wash our Flea Comb ...

But it seems like a very natural healthy treat for TOto. 
I tasted them, it is not salty like I imagine them to be!! Hahaha, the first time TOto drank so much water, my first thought was 'Gosh' was it that salty and I tasted that slimy jerky for the sake of TOto (The power of mammeee's love!). We have yet to see them in store in USA, we will try to look harder ...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Orijen + Wellness kibbles!

TOto is on Orijen Fish and Wellness Simple Duck, for some reason TOto's love DUCKY taste!
We usally get 2 small packets for the 2 brand, because we prefer them to be as fresh as possible and bigger packets meant it will take longer for TOto to finish the kibbles; and the kibbles might get stale.

So far this 2 mixture + Nancy Cottage Cheese gave TOto's darkdarkhardhard poop!
Hubbie will use a scoop to mix it up; scoop by scoop from the 2 different brand into TOto's dedicated Kibble's container. And our trusted container is of course from Lock&Lock; Lock & Lock Rectangular Container with Handle and Tray. The only brand of container that is VALUE/QUALITY for MONEY! Containers made specifically for dogs are RIDICULOUS priced and of LOW quality products! We spent alot of time and research on TOto's container and even spent some $$$ on one but we end up using Lock&Lock brand!
A 41.6 Cup Container last TOto for about 2 months!
A little extra effort to make sure TOto's has fresh supplies of kibbles ...
Ultimately, I would love to change to a Lock & Lock Storage 50-Cup Storage Bin, Includes Cup. Hmmmmmm maybe after I move ba!
Meanwhile it will be my trusty Rectangular Container with Handle!

TOto, "mummmum" lorrrrrrrrr...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dog Park EVERYDAY, what's in the BAG!?

The weather is very SPRING this few days and TOto goes to the dogpark EVERYDAY!
I realised only TOto has this SPECIAL bag that is hang on the gate which is used for ONLY TOto's stuffs! In the past we used to have this "Minnie mouse" bag but I have upgraded to this bag that I purchased from Taiwan. 

TOto will parked himself right under his bag when he wants a drink OR when he just want to play 'fetch'! TOto knows his water, and ballball is in the bag!
Can you see the 'Animals' on the bag?
I love the cutesy Animal design; LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

Let's see what is inside TOto's personal bag!
We always bring our own filtered water using Lock & Lock Mountain Water Bottle. It's BPA free and very durable, using Eastman Chemical Co.'s new material Tritan copolyester. We try to be as health conscious for TOto as much as possible; to the extend of the material of his water bottle, hahaha!
The next most important things to bring, and of course his 'toys'; the Ball launcher is a saver for our wrist, hand and back!  He can play a few hours of fetch and still come home begging to play MORE!

An extra item in the bag; the rubber frisbee. Frisbee-ing is what my Hub hopes TOto can do, but I gave up the idea of TOto being a 'Frisbee' Dog. TOto is just not meant to play frisbee. Whereas alot of people watch in awe when TOto plays 'fetch' and that is when I realised there are alot of dogs that do not know how to play fetch!! They just chase after the ball but NEVER bring it back!!
TOto new foldable bowl! 
You'll be surprised how many people do not bring water for their dogs! And that's the reason we bring such a big bottle of water. During the hotter days, we bring even a bigger bottle for TOto AND, all other dogs in the park! We are not that '伟大' (great), we just don't want TOto to end up having nothing to drink. Because when it comes to sharing, TOto is s.t.u.p.i.d; no matter how thirsty he is, he will always allow the other dogs to drink first! *faint* And sometimes there will be a very thirsty dog that just park himself next to our drinking bowl and finish everything, *Faint*!
And lastly a Lock&Lock container for TOto's snack after his day in the park!
We usually feed him some snacks on the car and TOto will usually gobble all the biscuits and goes to sleep!
The other miscellaneous items would be 'wet tissue' and poop bag. There are alot of times when TOto just got poop on him or gotten peed at! *Faint*, TOto is so 'S.L.O.W' sometimes! We are that typical 'kiasu/kiasee' (Scare to lose/Scare to die) Singaporean couple in an America Dog Park.

Hahahhaha ...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A SLEEPY dog on X'Mas EvE!

We will be moving VERY SOON and TOto will have lesser chance to visit his current DAYCAMP! I hate that to happen because the staffs REALLY REALLY LOVE TOto. They give TOto hugs and kisses!! They really DO NOT have to do that but they DID! TOto always have special CONCESSION. SOmetimes when we called they will say the daycamp is full but when we mention it is TOto; they wll 'shift around' and TOto will be 'SQUEEZED' IN! We are very grateful to the staffs! When we usually bring TOto to daycamp, TOto will run into their office, and GIVE all the staffs in the office some hugs and kisses before he goes into camp; YAH all the staffs in the office!

So recently we try to send TOto in as much as possible and we end up with a SILLY, SLEEPY DOG ...
LOOK how his head is hang out of his crate, hahaha!


MeRrY X'mAs EverYone!
HaPpY HoLidAyS!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Tired sticky TOto

A very tired dog who is just back from daycamp, bathed and had dinner was so tired but still wriggle his way into Mammeee's hug and felt asleep! Lucky it takes only a good 10 minutes for TOto to feel uncomfortable and wriggle himself out, hahaha! If not Mammeee arms might just go NUMB, he is like a 20lb bag of RICE!
Love how he felt so comfortable in my arms!
I felt so LOVED!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

TOto, Sticky like honey!

Recently TOto is a little sticky, like a huge furry sticker!
When he is tired or just not feeling well, he will climb up onto my lap and snuggle. SO RARE! But it happened a few times. He will sit on the floor and stare at me, and when I nod my head he will jump up and position himself. SO CUTE!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's 2 O'Clock in the MORNING!

(Adapted from Lily Allen "Who'd Have Known")
It's 2 o'clock in the morning
The conversation got boring
You said you were going to bed soon
So I snuck off to get chew chew
And I thought I'd just chew there
Until I heard you come up the stairs
And I bring chew chew back to bedroom
So I can chew till I was tired and fall down back to sleep

Really 'buay tahan' TOto, in the middle of the night don't want to sleep and decide to bring in his Antler chew and started chewing vigorously! We saw TOto's chewing and suddenly thought of Lily Allen song, so funny right. It is the background music for this video, hahaha ...

After 20 minutes then he happy, "gam wan" go to sleep.
Where got puppy 2am still don't SLEEP!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big BOYS club!

Today is a lucky day for TOto, there were a bunch of BIG BOYS who were willing to play with him! And TOto was especially hooked to this Border Collie, named Becca, who is willing to play 1-1 with TOto for the rest of the day. Usually Border Collies just ignores TOto! TOto had tried to 'attract' a few Collies to play with him before but TOto is just too small and slow for them!

In the end we realised Becca was just a 8 months old puppy Collie, which EXPLAINS WHY!
Puppies play with EVERYONE, hahaha! But TOto does bring smiles and laughter to everyone around the Big Boys area! 

We kept wondering why TOto loves being in the Big Boys' area? And one of our guesses, TOto loves being chased, and the BIG BOYS are more willing to chase after TOto. But in the small dogs area; all the smaller dogs want to be chased!! I wonder WHY? But I am happy because the BIG BOYS really drain out TOto thoroughly! When we walked back to the small dogs area preparing to go home, he is always more than HAPPY to GO HOME and SLEEP!

I would have better videos showing how Becca and TOto played, but the weather is tooooooo COLD for mammeee to expose her hand for long period of time doing video-ing.

More Dog Park Video to COME!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Half Day Daycamp 1pm-5pm!

This very clever bulldog realised that he can just climb onto the slide, stand up and hold on to the wall and he can check out what is happening to the outside wall. SO CLEVER!
While TOto is already at the back socialising around ; TOto the social butterfly~
Seriously Daycamp is not tiring TOto out as much as it used to ...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Teeth Brushing, 刷牙咯!

Brushing teeth usually means mammeee hand/finger wrestling match with TOto's tongue and jaw!! TOto loves the toothpaste's taste but he will try to wrestle the toothbrush out of his mouth once he get the paste!! Mammeee's job is to try brush as much of his teeth and not let TOto's has too much of the toothpaste, hahaha!! Daddeee give up brushing TOto because Daddeee sees that Mammeee is more violent and just BRUSH her way through despite the violent protest, and the blood (not mine, but TOto's gum).

But ODDLY despite all the protest while brushing, TOto will still come over when we say,"刷牙咯!". And lie there on my lap without trying to wriggle away. But he will still use his two front paws to push my hand away. But Daddeee will usually 'CUFF' his paws hahahaha ...

TOto's sumptuous dinner; Orijen Fish + Wellness Simple Duck + Cottage Cheese + Boiled Minced Pork. 
 TOto, 刷牙咯!

Brush, brush then can kiss kiss OK!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

TOto's Report : CAKE!!

TOto tot if TOto looks good for the photograph, Daddeee will cut me a cake! But Daddeee says TOto cannot eat Chocolate. WHAT!! Why don't they buy strawberry cake then!? TOto can have strawberry right?? But TOto loves mammeee so ALL is forgiven, TOto can settle for 'Biscuit'!

Daddeee says TOto will have a cake for NEXT year birthday!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cold brrrrrr ...

I wonder if it is the cold weather, TOto has been more willing to snuggle up with me in the morning; not for long. But enough to make mammeee very happy!

My furry white HEATER!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

TOto want to play with the BIG furboys!

TOto finds 'NO KICK' in the small dog area and recently in the small dogs area, TOto just wants to play fetch with Hub and me, and only once in a while he will finds a khaki that is his size or weight to play with. And recently, he refused to play with dogs that are smaller. SO TOto loves it when a BIGGER breed puppy ventures in but that is very rare. Not that we don't like to play fetch with TOto but an hour of wrestling match = to a 3 hour of ball fetching. Running to fetch ball, doesn't tires TOto out AT ALL!
So we try to bring TOto over to the bigger dog area but the BIG DOGS will find TOto too small to play with and will usually ignore him. Today TOto has been eyeing on this 'Border Collie' but he was ignore by the Collie. But at one point TOto finally manage to attract at least 5 big dogs to chase after TOto around, like TOto was a little white rabbit! There were like a Labrador, a Australian Sheperd, a Doberman, the Border Collie and a Boxer!

All of them were playing, nibbling and chasing in a huge rowdy group. The Border were chewing onto TOto's thigh while the Doberman was trying to get TOto's neck. And the Labrador was trying to protect TOto and was barking at the Doberman, and the Sheperd was just running and jumping everywhere and the Boxer was trying to get the Doberman.

I think the usual small dog owner would be so worried because TOto was like a rabbit amidst them, but we are just LAUGHING away at TOto's predicament. I was busy chatting and forgot to take video. It is so funny watching TOto running, rolling, jumping and faking his way around these BIG HUGE DOGS!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


On one of the rare day when TOto was still sleeping in the bedroom, while Hub and me is already awake at the livng room. We decide to do a test on TOto's hearing. I whispered very, very softly,"要不要带它去." We both stared at the bedroom door anticipating what TOto would do. Hmmmm no response, when we decide to give up, we can see TOto suddenly trotter double speed out of the bedroom with his fur still PRESS flat on his panicky face, hahaha!! I guess TOto hesitate for a moment and then hear no response and starts to panic that we left him out! It was so funny!!

And we know sometimes when we shout till our throats hurt and they refused to do what we are saying doesn't mean they didn't hear us hahaha, they just CHOOSE to IGNORE us!

Anyway, Hub has yet to start work so we have been bringing TOto to the dog park EVERYDAY!

It is VERY COLD recently, Mammeee has to wear alot of layers of clothing and cover myself up so that I can stand in the cold empty field for a few hours! I look like an eskimo huh, hahaha ...
Hub says when we play, it looks like a 'ALIEN ABDUCTION'!
The grass are drying up, and TOto kept rolling himself on the grass; SO DIRTY!!
Arrrrrrghhhh, we have to rinse him everyday!
And on a good day, TOto would find a 'partner' to wrestle, chase and fight with!
So mammeee can sleep through the night!

Friday, November 25, 2011

TOto and Husky

Today is one day after Thanksgiving, and we are worried that, they aren't any dogs around but we are sooooooooooo wrong. The small dogs area has lesser dogs so we brought TOto to the big boys area! 

And TOto found love with this Husky. Husky owners were so amused with him playing with TOto!! They say, this Husky seldom plays with small dogs and they are wondering why he is so infatuated with TOto and refused to go home hahaha! That is the 'Power' of our TOto!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Rawwwrrrr DESTROY!

On a normal day, TOto usually thinks he is a White German Sheperd; HUGE, FIERCE and RUN like the WIND ...

I call him my furball, meowy (white furry cat), blah blah white sheep or Mary's little lamb!
My Hub refer TOto as the BIG WHITE WOLF, or Gigantic Polar bear or sometimes the FEROCIOUS WHITE LION. (See how a Man and a Woman view differ looking at a small/medium size dog?)

Or maybe he can pass off as a Stitch??
.. ♥ ..