Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big BOYS club!

Today is a lucky day for TOto, there were a bunch of BIG BOYS who were willing to play with him! And TOto was especially hooked to this Border Collie, named Becca, who is willing to play 1-1 with TOto for the rest of the day. Usually Border Collies just ignores TOto! TOto had tried to 'attract' a few Collies to play with him before but TOto is just too small and slow for them!

In the end we realised Becca was just a 8 months old puppy Collie, which EXPLAINS WHY!
Puppies play with EVERYONE, hahaha! But TOto does bring smiles and laughter to everyone around the Big Boys area! 

We kept wondering why TOto loves being in the Big Boys' area? And one of our guesses, TOto loves being chased, and the BIG BOYS are more willing to chase after TOto. But in the small dogs area; all the smaller dogs want to be chased!! I wonder WHY? But I am happy because the BIG BOYS really drain out TOto thoroughly! When we walked back to the small dogs area preparing to go home, he is always more than HAPPY to GO HOME and SLEEP!

I would have better videos showing how Becca and TOto played, but the weather is tooooooo COLD for mammeee to expose her hand for long period of time doing video-ing.

More Dog Park Video to COME!

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