Sunday, December 4, 2011

TOto's Report : CAKE!!

TOto tot if TOto looks good for the photograph, Daddeee will cut me a cake! But Daddeee says TOto cannot eat Chocolate. WHAT!! Why don't they buy strawberry cake then!? TOto can have strawberry right?? But TOto loves mammeee so ALL is forgiven, TOto can settle for 'Biscuit'!

Daddeee says TOto will have a cake for NEXT year birthday!!


  1. Happy Birthday TOto Mammeee! May you have a blessed birthday and year ahead~~

    You're a Sagittarius like me :D

  2. btw, love the new hair! it's fabulous ;)

  3. Happy Birthday TOto Mamee :) May all your wishes come true! :)

  4. @Eve
    U are a sagi too, so celebrating ur bday soon then!!

    I go back sg one year cut hair once hahaha so have to cut as short as I can accept, maybe next year will be shorter!!

    @Jayber mama,
    Thank U! :)

  5. Oh dear, we're late for the party! Happy (very belated) birthday. What a great family pic. Everyone looks so cute, especially you in your new 'do'!