Friday, September 30, 2011

It all about TOto (Sat) Pt 1 - Fun XDog Agility Pt. 3/6

It is so difficult for TOto to concentrate!
TOto have to sniff out all corners and because he has found treats before he thinks that there are treats everywhere! Even his own treats/biscuits cannot make him FOCUS! I mean how can "dehydrated lamb" and "chewy treat" win over 'Oily Tuna' and 'Cheesy bits'!? The other participants drop the 'Tuna oil' everywhere!! But it is unfair to blame others because some dogs are just so focus they don't really care what is on the ground!
But we realized TOto perform better with Mammeee because of my 'Happy Voice' that help motivated him to run with me! Maybe Hubs get so 'tense' and 'frustrated', TOto can sense them somehow.  And Hub refused to use his 'Gayish Happy Voice'! He says it is so embarrassing to use the 'Happy girly voice' to motivate TOto. Too bad, Mammeee just doesn't has the stamina to run the obstacle with TOto.

Well I may try it out next week!

Guess TOto cannot win Mammeee a Medal :(
But he compensates everything with his kissessss ...
That is so unfair!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

After Daycamp, look what I SEE!

Usually Tuesday is Daycamp day and mammeee's housechore day.
Tonight we fetch TOto together, and when we reached home we will give TOto a rinse in the bathroom, follow by dinner and last ritual a Biscuit ...
After settling TOto, Mammeee and Dadddeee can eat in PEACE!
Usually Subway is our GO TO dinner if Mammeee is lazy to cook.

And when I turn my head to check on TOto, I see ...
So funny CAN! I wonder what happen ...
TOto is sleep-kissing TUrtle!!
Hahahaha, sometime the darndest thing happen to the both of them!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

mORNing MammEee, SCRATCH!

Every morning I be in the kitchen preparing Daddeee's lunchbox and TOto knows that he couldn't disturb me while I am in the kitchen 'working' but today he did the sweetest thing. He came in and sat right at my feet. But because he was not bothering me I let him be and later I realised he is 'protecting' me over a Housefly! Haha that is so funny! He is EYE-ing the housefly right next to my feet!

Anyway after my kitchen duties, right after I walked into the living room, he will start to scratch my feet non stop even when I sat right infront of my laptop, he is still scratching my feet ...

Hmmmmm, right Mammeee has yet to give TOto his morning scratchieee scratch-scratch, loves and kisses! TOto is asking for his morning's 'RIGHT' which Mammeee sometimes forget. And right after that he went into the room and napped with Daddeee!

You can forget his BREAKFAST but you can never NEVER forget his morning, "Scratch and kiss"!

Monday, September 26, 2011

New BESTIE Goldendoodle - WINSTON!

A new puppy in our community; Golden retriever + Poodle!!
He is like the cutest and clumsiest goldie and TOto loves him or they loves each other and at I think 6 months he is already HUGE or bigger than TOto. TOto has no chance in another few months!
TOto is so tired BUT still he played, wrestled and ran with Winston ...
Winston is a great puppy, at 6months he can run and play unleashed with TOto!
Winston is on the way to a walk and TOto has just come back home!
If not mammeee is almost eaten alive by Mosquitoes, they would have play on in a small area in our community! They were both good not running too far away ...
We are leaving and TOto is still charging at Winston, look at Winston eye slanting back looking at TOto ready to RUN too!! hahaha ...
But we forget to remove TOto cute tee and that tee was CHOKED FULL of puppy teeth bites!
Hahaha too bad that tee is gone for good, luckily that tee is only USD3.00!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Level 1 - Fun XDog Agility Pt. 2/6

TOto perform so much better in his 2nd lesson, but still he gets distracted easily! He doesn'tget distracted by other dogs! He get distracted by all the treats that has fallen on the ground. Hopefully as the class progress he gets better!

Today is the 2nd day of 'Fall' and the weather is GOOD; abit chilly in the morning too.

When TOto knows that both of us are going with him, he won't walk down the stairs with only ONE OF US. He has to wait till the both of us walk down the staircase! He won't come down with me no matter how I tug him!!
That long long sharp sharp thing is TOto's tail!
Ready, GET SET ...

This MAT Is the most difficult for TOto because he has to run the plank and then STOP and DOWN for 5seconds! The excitment made it very difficult for TOto to stop. He will either OVER RUN or start sniffing the mat!
Half TIME breakf for TOto's breakfast ...

Compulsory shot with Mammeee!
In the end we realised, Mammeee is the BEST TREAT for TOto to finish his course! As long as Mammeee is at the of his course and shout, "TOto!" he will COME, JUMP and TUNNEL through all obstacle! Yeah but Daddeee says during compeition, there can be only ONE handler. Opps :x !!

When he reached home ...
Automatically decide to SLEEP in crate ...
Mammeee and daddeee can sneak out for date night!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grooming TIME!

Recently TOto refused to go down for morning walks with daddeee and when mammeee ask him he immediately JUMP UP! Guess what usually, when I bring him down for morning walks he has a LONGER walk and with daddeee it is just his potty session and he has to come up! But if it is weekend, he has no problem going down with Daddeee! They really do know ...

His fur is getting thick and has abit of shedding which means "STRIPPING" time! Now during the torturous stripping sessions, he learns to just turn around and look at me with pleading eyes, kiss me and then start to walk up towards me and sit on my lap to stop me from stripping him. Mammeee has to HARDEN her heart and say, 'Thank you for your kisses but mammeee has to STRIP ON!'

3 sessions; Top front, Top Back and trimming of his face. I guess there should be another 2 more session, his front bib and tail! I might need another session with his butt too ...

That is the big bulk of fur that I have manually strip out of him, looks ALOT but there isn't much diff when you look at TOto!
"TOto, mammeee don't like to do this too! mammeee always end up with swollen thumb, and aching back because mammeee want you to be comfortable and not use a grooming table which you will have to stand for HOURS!"
Dadddeee feels that your ear fur is too short but I have to trim it short so that your furcut last longer right!? But I am rather satisfied with your round head, it does look round and fluffy right?

2hours of dog park yesterday, too tired for a good photoshoot!
But TOto, we still have about 3hours of stripping session to finish off everything!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WHAT?! Lazy even to EAT!!

TOto was very tired from daycamp; he came home wash up, had his dinner and napped till about 11pm! After that he kept asking for treats and we knew he was hungry and prepare 1/8cup of kibbles for him to eat just incase the next morning he refused to eat again! But he was lazy even to WALK over to his usual area to eat! He just lie down on the carpet refused to move until I MOVE the bowl to him!

Haiyoooooo ~
Got so lazy or not!!

'Buay tahan' him!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TOto where are YOU?

Hahaha can you see him??
Find the BLACK NOSE!
This idea is NOT MINE hor, hahaha!
My Hubs did that to him!!!
He always have the stupidest idea, and TOto actually 'act' along with hubs!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Teaser, coming up soon!

Lots of photo to choose, and videos to edit!
TOto will be at daycamp tomorrow so maybe I can do the video in peace tommorrow!
Just some teaser preview photographs of the silly TOto!

TOto is so blown away, he cannot wait to reach "Hawaiian Fall" which is also in the background of the photographs! When he turn back in and see how his fur was blown all side ways, you want to laugh till DIE! But I always forget to take 'THAT' photograph of his silly face becase I was laughing myself silly!

We had so much fun as a family!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Agility 2/6 canx!

It rained the night before and the ground is damp and muddy! So the programme is cancelled, but we were already out and about in the car and didn't checked out email the night before!

So we brought TOto for a spin in the car and brought him these 2 cute tee, and you cannot believe it they are only USD3.00 each! CHEAP, summer clearance; Yipppppeeeee!
There were more cute stuffs but Hubs chose the 'Ruff day' and I insist on the 'Sailor Tee'!

Hawaiian Fall Bow wow dog day next!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sleepy, tired TOto

T'is what happen when you give TOto tooooooo much Dogpark ...
But he has got the best view in the house!
Look at his blur blur face!
Well mammeee is happy to have a tired pup in the house!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our westie.TOto @ Lewisville Dogpark 20110915

The cool front is REAL and we have been to the dogpark consecutively for 2 days! I hope TOto is HAPPY but he is so tired he doesn't seem to be too happy about that!

TOto's face says,"Really, we have to go to the dog park again?!!"
"Hahaha, yes baby! The weather is too good, we have to go!"
The last 16C/60F weather we have, was like in MAY and after that Texas weather is 100F all the way!

And this is one of TOto's playmate, Sophie, a 9month old Westie Puppy!

And this is how he looks like today!
... Dreaming away ...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A good day in daycamp 20110913

You know TOto has a good day at camp when he had his dinner and biscuit treat and goes right to SLEEP! TOto knows his 'RIGHTS', he will always DEMAND for a piece of treat or biscuit before he is willing to rest ...
He sleeps underneath the table waiting accompany Mammeee waiting for Daddeee to come back from his soccer session.

And Mammeee can blog in peace!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kiss kiss means 'OK'

Usually TOto sat on my lap in the car, and I will always chitchitchatchat with either Hubs and sometimes I chat with TOto. And from time to time, he will turn back and kisses me.

And slowly I realised that TOto will kiss me if it is something 'he likes'; example if I mention words like 'biscuits' or 'go dogpark'!

And if I start to 'nag' or words like 'Naughty' he will act blur like he didn't hear and you can see that he lower his head abit.

I told Hub and he doesn't believe me and we tested a few times and today after we fetch him back from daycamp.

We try 2 sentences on him ...

TOto 回家冲凉 ok? ( TOto, go home bath ok?)
His reaction -> He turn back look at me, I ask a 2nd time and he look away, turn back front and ignore.

TOto 回家吃 Biscuit ok? (TOto, go home eat biscuit ok?)
His reaction -> He turn back to look at me, I ask a 2nd time with '吃 biscuit ok?' He kisses me and turn back front ...
Conclusion TOto really, really HATES taking BATH!

We tried this a few time at different situation, at home and on the car and on both occasions gave the same reaction! If it is something he likes, he will come kisses me and if it is something 'negative' he will look at me and turn away! There is one times he almost kisses me but turn away still. And if he unsure, he will cock his head left then right ...

This reminds me since TOto is a puppy, we will always 'SEAL' a deal or a promise with TOto with a 'kiss' too. And once TOto kisses us, we will say," Orhhh you kiss means you agree huh, we go out already OK?".  Maybe that is how he slowly learns!!!

Hmmmm, we wonder if this is how TOto say 'YES, OK'!

How does your dog react to you?

Happy TOto playing with his newest chew!
Opps he gave me a Edison's grin!
I love him most when he is sleeping kekeke ~

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Level 1 - Fun XDog Agility Pt. 1/6

TOto didn't sleep well the night before, he kept having to wake up in the middle of the night to bark and keep wanting to go patio to do his guard-duty! And my alarm rang at 6.30am, by 7am TOto is ready to go to bed!!!

Too bad we have to go out, and TOto didn't even have his breakfast ...
7.48am and we are ready to GO!

ALL the other dogs there were HUGE, GIGANTIC!
And before coming to the lesson, we were saying if all the dogs that joined are Border COllie we will leave hahaha because TOto will have no chance at winning a trophy for us! But still all the other dogs are huge; there are 2 Leon Begers, Greyhound, Bloodhound and Aussies! No similar size dog with TOto!

Hahaha TOto has NO CHANCE at ALL!
Everyone is being attentive looking at the instructor and looks what is TOto doing!??
Bottom left corner of the photographs, 'Looking for treats'?
Instructor giving instructions ...
TOto need some coaxing for the Hoops!

And by the 2nd round he is a natural ...

TOto at the mat, "DOWN for 5 seconds"!

Mammeee is happy for TOto and mammeee is very very tired with all the running about under the hothothot SUN!
TOto performed better than expected. He was very HUNGRY halfway in class and got very distracted sniffing and sniffing refusing to listen to instructions and we got to feed him halfway in class!

After that he is very tired and start to lose his focus.
But still we are happy that he had enjoyed himself.
The instructor is very impressed with TOto and says that TOto is such a 'Mellow Terrier'! I think the instructor find TOto very calm and she mentioned that TOto has a great personality and great doggie body language. She praises that we have done a good job socialising TOto.

*Beam* so proud of TOto!

When we are back home, he was totally KNOCK out!
He didn't even wake when I had to open the main door to go out!

Just a short clip showcasing, "TOto jumping the poles!"

Hmmmm so does TOto has the potential to go into some serious Dogs Agility Competition!?