Monday, September 26, 2011

New BESTIE Goldendoodle - WINSTON!

A new puppy in our community; Golden retriever + Poodle!!
He is like the cutest and clumsiest goldie and TOto loves him or they loves each other and at I think 6 months he is already HUGE or bigger than TOto. TOto has no chance in another few months!
TOto is so tired BUT still he played, wrestled and ran with Winston ...
Winston is a great puppy, at 6months he can run and play unleashed with TOto!
Winston is on the way to a walk and TOto has just come back home!
If not mammeee is almost eaten alive by Mosquitoes, they would have play on in a small area in our community! They were both good not running too far away ...
We are leaving and TOto is still charging at Winston, look at Winston eye slanting back looking at TOto ready to RUN too!! hahaha ...
But we forget to remove TOto cute tee and that tee was CHOKED FULL of puppy teeth bites!
Hahaha too bad that tee is gone for good, luckily that tee is only USD3.00!!


  1. Polar loved this Groodle at the dog park and humped her for ages (she's desexed). She was huge and Polar would get mad at any dog that got near her.

    Personally I don't like designer dogs and I hate the look of poodles especially.

  2. Groodle sounds like gremlin haha!

    TOto usually loves to play with this type of BIG DOG puppies!!

    The owner says she has done extensive research and gotten this goldendoodle because they have the loyalty and calmness of a golden retriever and is smart like poodle and doesn't shed too because of the poodle gene! I wonder will the mix really get the both of best world.

  3. Lemme tell you why. Designer dogs were first created by this guy who crossed a Lab and a Poodle, thinking that they could have a non-shedding Lab. This ended up not being the case as most Lab x Poodles actually do shed and the creator is deeply remorseful. Now designer dogs are the money makers of puppy farms and sold to the uneducated public. There are however, ethical breeders who do health testing for dogs & bitches to minimise any genetic diseases. However even so, they are not able to predict how the puppies will turn out as they are crosses. So to say that they have the loyalty blah blah blah just shows ignorance and poor breeding. Poor poodles get the brunt of it because of their fur, just like Malteses (enter the world of Maltese x Shih Tzus). These are calmer dogs, imagine what you get when you cross bull breeds with more aggressive breeds (enter the Pit Bull crosses)!

    I'm not a pure breed dog fan, with their inbred genes and susceptibility to genetic disorders, but the designer dog fad just irks me.

    Aiya Groodle sounds like something McDonald's would serve. Groodle or Goldendoodle, both sound equally stupid, along with Labradoodle, Maltipoos and other stupid names. It's a Golden Retriever x Poodle. I just say I have a Maltese x and a Westie x. I am very biased since I like Labs and hate Poodles, but I think the designer dogs look way better without the Poodle in them.


    Crossing dogs will give different coat types, temperaments etc. One thing I never understood is why people buy from pet stores. Toronto's pet stores now only sell shelter dogs and not puppy farm kittens & puppies! Everywhere else should follow suit.

  5. woah you have done extensive research on this topic and have strong opinions on them. For me I guess my worries are their health and size nia. Other than that I don't really care plus, I only have eye for westie hahaha!

    I guess for xbreed you never know what size they grow into and what kind of sickness they are prone to.