Tuesday, September 27, 2011

mORNing MammEee, SCRATCH!

Every morning I be in the kitchen preparing Daddeee's lunchbox and TOto knows that he couldn't disturb me while I am in the kitchen 'working' but today he did the sweetest thing. He came in and sat right at my feet. But because he was not bothering me I let him be and later I realised he is 'protecting' me over a Housefly! Haha that is so funny! He is EYE-ing the housefly right next to my feet!

Anyway after my kitchen duties, right after I walked into the living room, he will start to scratch my feet non stop even when I sat right infront of my laptop, he is still scratching my feet ...

Hmmmmm, right Mammeee has yet to give TOto his morning scratchieee scratch-scratch, loves and kisses! TOto is asking for his morning's 'RIGHT' which Mammeee sometimes forget. And right after that he went into the room and napped with Daddeee!

You can forget his BREAKFAST but you can never NEVER forget his morning, "Scratch and kiss"!

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