Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WHAT?! Lazy even to EAT!!

TOto was very tired from daycamp; he came home wash up, had his dinner and napped till about 11pm! After that he kept asking for treats and we knew he was hungry and prepare 1/8cup of kibbles for him to eat just incase the next morning he refused to eat again! But he was lazy even to WALK over to his usual area to eat! He just lie down on the carpet refused to move until I MOVE the bowl to him!

Haiyoooooo ~
Got so lazy or not!!

'Buay tahan' him!


  1. Yuki is just like that! I always call her the worlds laziest schnauzer. I think maybe toto likes all the extra attention you give him. :)

  2. Hmmmpfff the dogs now are SO PAMPERED!! TOto is so lazy when he is tired, sometimes or ALOT OF TIMES he does't eat breakfast too!