Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Establishing new schedule ...

We are slowly getting use to each other again! And TOto is refusing to use the Nugi at home. He seems to have QUIT Nugi and prefer to pee outdoor! We should be really HAPPY about it but we are just worry if the weather is really bad, then what happen!? Hahaha, some people take MONTHS to train their dog to pee outside we have a SELF-TRAINed westie and we are still fretting over it. The irony!

Anywa, in order to (配合) coordinate with this new habit of TOto's, we try to bring him out more often establishing a schedule. For now, we are doing a 4x a day schedule; 8am, 12pm, 5pm and 10pm! Hopefully slowly we can eliminate to 2x a day schedule.

Anyway TOto is calmer and easier to bring down for his walk. FOr his daytime walk, TOto can do it UNLEASHED!! Even when hub bring him down, and I CALL out to Toto from my Patio, he will come running home!! Hahaha, good dog!! And when leashed, he is not pulling as bad as he used too. He certainly has learnt some good habit from MR K!

He is still our TOto!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

TOto is back home!

We drove over to Petsmart to fetch him back once we settle. TOto is so happy to see us, we are glad he remembered us too! And shortly we drove over to MR K home to collect his stuff. And TOto was so comfortable in Mr K home! Hahaha ~ Luckily when we are ready to leave and we call out to TOto, he is still willing to jump up the car and leave with us. Hub will be devastated if he do not want to come out from Mr K's house!

The first day back at home, TOto acted abit weird sort of not knowing what to do and seems like he do not know what is expected from us, and he dare not even sleep on the bed with us unless invited. BUT after ONE invitation there is NO TURNING back! Hahaha.

He seems to behave so much better. We wonder is it because he is scared that we will leave him again??? Hubs say it might be because he is OLDER thus CALMER! But he is still as playful, and full of energy! He remember alot of things that we use to do with him ...

Alot of habits is not forgotten, and he also remember all the tricks as well!!

Anyway, first thing when we fetch him back is to DUNK him into a bath-tub to bath him. After that Hub bring him out for his first walk with us!
He still remember the Sunset at the Patio ...

Toto is the BIG WINNER of this year Black friday Sales!

He is seen walking into his crate a few times to nap by himself!!
His new bed , we still don't know whether he like it or not ...
We love you and miss you so much!
We wonder can you feel us?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Updates from Mr K

Mr K is having a blast with Toto ...

But everyday after his daycare Toto is very tired, so it will be an easy task for Mr K ...
His favourite activity before he sleep, CHEWING off Hippo's ear! That ear is VERY SMELLY! I have already wash Hippo 3x because of the smelly, slimey ear. The more fun he had in the day, the MORE he will chew on it! Like he still hasn't had enough of fun!

In a short span of time, he has already TAKE OVER Mr K's Bed!!
TOto looks like a dirty happy dog huh! HE MUST be very happy, Mr K would be so nice to Toto, unlike Mommy and Daddy who would FORCE to wipe him out daily, which TOto hate very much! Hahaha ~
Dogs would have to be very trusting to sleep in such a 'vulnerable' state. With these photos, at least I know Toto is happy and trusting Mr K! But then, so sad we are missing him so badly and he is sleeping like nothing has change!!
(Photo Credit : Mr K)