Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Almost setup!

His Play Pen is here!
But we will be getting a Gym Mat as his base so that any accident, it won't stain the carpet and leaves AWFUL smell! At least we can disinfect and wipe it away from a GYM MAT!
And of course the ALL important crate!
It is quite big, I am imagining whether my puppy will grow to such a BIG SIZE!?
Pray hard it will remain petite! (YQ will KILL me with this thinking!) I think all man like their dogs HUGE! Each time he purchase stuffs, I will tell him that our dog is consider a SMALL size breed and he is not getting a labrador! Hahaha ~
I am getting very excited, and not even bothered by the 8hours drive to Kansas City!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Never ending barangs for him ...

I don't know where the HELL did my husband find this! This is a Deluxe Thermostatic Crate Fan with COOLING SYSTEM and ADAPTER! *Faint* He read about pets overheated in their crate and I don't know how he find out about such system that can be attached to his crate! The technology nowadays is JAW dropping!

(Price: $25.04)
The below is sort of a 'Air Con' system ...
Our Dog is really LUCKY hey!
And he also bought this Gam Vittle Vault Plus 25# , to keep his kibbles fresh! Seriously I didn't even have a container for the RICE we are eating!

(Price: $24.99)
3 more days to go ...

Pics update @7 weeks!

(All Pictures credit to Spring Chateau Ranch)

I dreamt of Toto again. In the dream, I just brought him home and my mom was with me. The background of the dream is very orangey! I played with the puppy and after that the both of us drop on the bed and sleep. And Toto didn't resist sleeping next to me, he also just drop and turn to his belly and slept.

And halfway through, I remember he has yet to do his 'toilet business' so I carry him over to his nugi pad. And I spoke to him in Chinese,"小便,小便.." and he urinated. Then I continue,"你不用大便阿?" And he really pooed! Don't know my puppy got so 乖 or not! *Sigh*

All grown up, can you guess who is who!?

I think Monte face is rather fixed, most regconisable is Monte face!
Yah I think we guess right, he should be quite a submissive puppy. Look at his ear, they have yet to 'stand'!
Our puppy, Maximillion Toto Fang!
Ear already at Half stand, and tail is high and mighty! And he is confidentally looking at the photographer!
He is just the fluffiest and cutest or I am just 偏心!
Hahaha, but seriously fluffy soft fur is not 'accepted' or well like! Real westie lovers would prefer their fur to be wiry and hard, not fluffy like teddy bear!
But then Toto already has the quality of a Advertisement dog???
See he so 'Pro' with his poses, confident hor!

Count down 5 more days!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

All Natural Organic for Pets

We are doing alot of readup and research online and mostly for his food, shampoo, Flea & Ticks Repellant etc ...

We tried to get stuffs that as natural or as organic as possible ...

Earth Bath Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo

Purified water, extra-mild renewable coconut- based cleansers, aloe vera, xanthan gum, olive oil squalene (natural preservative). All ingredients are natural, 100% biodegradable, and gentle.

This was chosen when we visited Petsmart and saw some range of Organic shampoo, plus this shampoo is 100% biodegradable and gentle, which I find it most suitable for skin allergy prone westie and especially suitable when he is a baby!

ALL NATURAL when most of the ingredients lists are something legible! Hahaha ...

I found this website that give INDEPTH Analysis on Solid gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy (lamb)! After reading this, it gives me more faith in having our puppy take Solid Gold!

5 stars ...

Hopefully they won't be any RECALL please ...

And next of our worries would be a ALL NATURAL Flea and Ticks Repellant!

I saw this particular product online Anibio Tic-Clip and it claim,

"The Tic-Clip harnesses the power of the bioenergetic field around your pet to create an energy barrier that repels insect pests for two years."

But it cost USD49.99 and hubby doesn't really BELIEVE the claims of this particular product so ...

I would gamely give this a try but I want to do it if hubby and me believe in it together ...

There are quite a number of Natural Essential oil products around and it seems like my hubby wants to make DIY his own product, hahaha ...

And so now we are on the search for the MOST NATURAL Ticks and Flea repellant! The products on shelves nowadays seems so toxic! It not only harms the PET but it might poison US too because we are also in constant contact with the puppy!

So hopefully what we use on him, won't kill US too!

Some basic natural essential oils repellant are; Lemon, Cedar oil, Rosemary oil, Neem oil etc

Counting down another 1 week plus to go!

And MORE stuffs for Toto!

KONG Braidz Monkey
Price: $8.79
IRIS Plastic Exercise / Containment Pet Pen for Dogs, White
Price: $38.54
We are almost ready for our puppy!
Left with the last item, Flea and Ticks spray and we are ready for our first puppy!

Friday, March 19, 2010

More barangs for Toto!

We had returned the previous Collapsible bowl to this particular one from Petco; better quality and structure!
We are so lucky 'Clicker' on sales in Walmart selling for USD3.00!
I am very CARELESS, so hubby bought 3 for me just incase I LOST ANY! Hahaha first few trick we teach him will be to find TV CONTROLLER and his own CLICKER!
Hahahaha ~
WOot, and a discounted RED Beach Bum tee for our Toto!
Hahaha hubby's dream is to be a beachbum!
SO they can bum together!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mad Spree on Petco 17% discount!

And the Bill comes to ...
Think Twice, think MANY many times, before You decide to commit to a pet, if you cannot give them some basics, better DROP the idea! Having a pet nowadays is NOT CHEAP at all!

And I forgotten his Kong Monkey, will ask hubby to add in the order if possible!
And we are getting some a ANTI-ticks and flea device, a Play pen. And also gotten some other stuffs, will be posting up soon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nugi Plus arrives!

Our Nugi Plus arrives!
We bid this item from ebay.com from seller toccoa-knife-sales for USD25.00 (including shipping)!
Whole process went quite smoothly :
06 Mar 2010 : Win Bid and Paid with Paypal
07 Mar 2010 : Payment accepted
08 Mar 2010 : Item Sent out
16 Mar 2010 : Item Recieved (7 Business working day)
Bad : No tracking available, so we were abit worried that we might not be able to recieved on time because we have to leave this current address in another few days! And their packing is a MESS, but still what counts is the item INSIDE.

No tear or damage with item!
Thumbs up!
We have also send in our 2nd payment cashier cheque of USD300.00 for puppy!
Counting down to fetching Toto home!

Online from Meijer

We finally order our Crate from Meijer.com!
Hubby search all OVER and found that Meijer has a HUGE discount for Suncast Deluxe Dog Carrier for USD27.99, almost everywhere is selling for USD49.99.

The catch, in order to enjoy free shipping we have to buy UP to USD75.00! We tried OUR VERY BEST and manage to BUY up to that amount! We even have to get 2 of the Sheepskin Pet Bed! Hubby say bed need to wash, so while washing, he can use the 2nd one! We also gotten 2 different size of Kong Toy! Reviews online show that KONG is recommended in EVERY BOOK and almost everywhere ONLINE! SO Kong is a MUST BUY~
Look at crate picture which dog tag name 'Max' ...
We have a eerie history with Meijer.com. In February when we decide to get a puppy, freighting him was an important issue. So CRATE was the first thing we research on. And co-incidentally, both of us like the design from Suncast , which brought us to Meijer.com of course! And there is ONCE this page shows up which was so eeeeeeerily spooky ...
HOW THE HELL did the 'page' know that our puppy's name is going to be TOTO and that TOTO comes from Kansas! I swear we didn't enter any of our puppy info!!

EEErrieee right!

And if you look up at the Crate picture, the dog tag name is 'MAX' which is our Puppy Birthname 'Maximillion'...

Please note all these happen in February 13 which is 10days after we book the puppy!
Is everything fated that we should get Maximillion and name him TOTO?

Monday, March 15, 2010


Never thought that there are so much Dog FOOD to choose from!

Please Note, ALL MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION, think out loud!
Doesn't Represent any Factual research!

Westie is a rather troublesome eater, because of their skin allergy! Online states that they are allergy to wheat, gluten, corn, Chicken, beef etc. Erm maybe easier to state WHAT they can eat! For flour replacement they can take RYE FLOUR and LAMB would be the best protein follow by FISH!

But in the market easily available protein source will be chicken, and follow by Turkey or Beef! But of course we are also looking at how easily available, affordability, nutrition value, and Integrity of the Company!

There are now ALOT of mix out there to choose from, and here are so far the 'look at' list!

  • Wellness Super5Mix Complete Health:
Whitefish & Sweet Potato Recipe

Pros : No Meat By-Products, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Artificial Colors or Flavors, Artificial Preservatives. And this Super5mix is also part of the Limited Ingredient for Allergy mix.

Cons : Rye Flour, Menhaden Fish Meal and Tomato Pomace.

Price : US$51.99/30lbs @ Petco

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein Not Less Than 22.0%
Crude Fat Not Less Than 12.0%
Crude Fiber Not More Than 3.0%

Review online show youtube with people opening up their packages finding FISHBONE, cooked Dried fishbones which might choke you puppy or scratch the lining of his insides! Gross! Hubby say we can open the packaging and inspect BUT I am very reluctant to do so because we might miss OUT that ONE bone that KILL him!

  • Timberwolf Organics :
Lamb and Barley with Apples™ Formula

Pros : Organic and formulas look very well rounded!

Cons : Uses Chicken fat (Westie famous for chicken allergy!) and not easily available in US store.

Price : US$76.99/33lbs @ timberwolforganics.com

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein min. 28%
Crude Fat min. 18%
Crude Fiber max. 3%

This is highly recommended ONLINE from Singapore Pet Forums, which is not easily available instore here and rather pricey at about US$80/33lbs packet and selling for about SG$190.00 (US$135.00)! So luckily they use Chicken Oil ya!

  • The Blue Buffalo Co.:
Puppy Lamb & Oatmeal Recipe

Pros : Real meat as first Ingredient and loads of WHOLE veggies. Preferred their Ingredient Mix over Wellness brand, easily available. Their Ingredient are clearly LABEL and explained online.

Cons : Menhaden Fish Meal, Tomato Pomace, Salt, Caramel.

Price : US$ 41.99/30lbs @ Petsmart

Crude Protein 26.0% min
Crude Fat 14.0% min
Crude Fiber 4.5% max

Love their packaging and Oatmeal is HEALTHY! And I love how their ingredients are clearly explain and layout of the websites are very clear and easy to manoveur! But we cannot buy PET food because of their Marketing and packaging right!? But definitely my 2nd choice if Solid Gold is not available!

  • Solid Gold Health :
Hundchen Flocken Puppy (lamb)

Pros : Their Main Ingredient; Lamb, Lamb Meal Brown Rice, Millet, Cracked Pearled Barley. And quoted "never use chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin."

Cons : Tomatoes Pomace, Ocean Fish Meal. Manufactured by Diamondpets!

Price : US$$52.99/33lbs @ Petco

Protein, Min 28%
Fat, Min 14%
Fiber, Max 4%

Simple, only negative point is their food are manufactured by Diamondpets which is a MAJOR recall FACTORY! So hopefully, Solid Gold has good control and QC over their own produts in Diamondpet factory!

Conclusion :
So far from reading onlines I am swaying towards SOLID GOLD Health Products for Pet, not much negative Press and the only recall food are for CATS! Hahaha ~

As Quoted in Solidgoldhealth.com :
We never use chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin, which may be related to some diseases in pets. We never use wheat, corn, or soy, which are often genetically modified and common allergens for dogs, causing them to have uncomfortable skin disorders, chew incessantly at their feet, or suffer from chronic problems such as ear infections. We never add animal or poultry fat to our products, as these are saturated fats that may contribute to heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Their Ingredients list are also simple and hopefully they are true to their words on what is stated online! If not my next better choice would be Blue Buffaloes, but they used alot of 'flavourings', what the hell do DOGS need CARAMEL for!?

And the search continue ...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Maximillion aka Toto!

Max aka Toto @ 2nd week
@ 3rd week
@ 5th week
Our Final Choice, we present you OUR NEW addition to our Family ;
Toto Fang!
(All pictures credit to Spring Ranch Chateau Kennel.)

Note :
When we call Connie to inform her of our decision, she says Max was her favourite of the lot! Hahaha don't know real or not!! If she love him so much why did she tell us so much negative points of him :(

We are both very puzzled by this, because obviously Max has the BEST proportion and 200% of cuteness in his latest series of photos! I am so sure that HE WOULD be the first to be PICK, that I dare not put my hope on him!

Actually from the begining, I always find that Max has the best proportion and features so I thought that I STAND NO CHANCE, so I forced my attention on Mcduff which seems to be the smallest and shyest of the lot! And from the 2weeks photo we already guessed that Max is the ALPHA Of the group!

I Wonder why ...

But of course, the choices made are easily sway by Connie description of the puppy.

Another reason we guess would be the word  'ORNERY', she used on him!
or·ner·y   /ˈɔrnəri/ Show Spelled[awr-nuh-ree] Show IPA
–adjective,-ner·i·er, -ner·i·est. Dialect.
1.ugly and unpleasant in disposition or temper: No one can get along with my ornery cousin.
2.stubborn: I can't do a thing with that ornery mule.
3.low or vile.
4.inferior or common; ordinary.

Maybe we can go ask her when we go collect the puppy!
*Headache* will have a stubborn Donkey puppy ON HAND!

She says the puppy is FULL of Energy and eager to please.
I am so excited!!

2 choice ...

Mcduff and Maximillion!

OMG, our top 2 choices are leftover for us! Yesteryday night in the car, I was still telling hubby, sekali the leftover are MAX and MC, and it came TRUE! Strike Lottery TOTO also not that easy! Hahahaha ..
And we are in deep shit dilema, because we have feelings for Mcduff but then Max has the better 'figure'! I find it more proportionate!

And from Connie description :

McDuff has a flat, hard coat which is the preferable coat for Westies, his face is full and his personality is sweet, affectionate and calm. Maximillion has a very silk fluffy coat, he's slightly smaller than McDuff and he's the most out-going and ornery of the whole litter. He's very high energy and entertaining. So, you have two very different puppies to choose from. They are both beautiful Westies and both are very affectionate and friendly.

McDuff's facial structure is wider than Max's. Max has silky fur so it fluffs out more and makes his face look fuller. The softer fur looks cute but it's harder to care for. It will absorb dirt faster and the more you bathe a Westie the softer the coat gets. Softer coats tend to mat more easily and need to be brushed more often to prevent mats and tangles. Max is the alpha of the litter and McDuff is calmer. McDuff isn't overly submissive, he's very out-going and friendly. Max is the smaller at just under 3 lbs and McDuff is a bit larger at just over 3 lbs

Early discussions with hubby, we already decided between an ALPHA and an Overly submissive, we would choose a 'Alpha' hands down, and we suspect these 2 are at the OPPOSITE end of the scale! Usually people are taught to choose ANYTHING in between of this two, BUT we are left with this 2 ~

In all of Mcduff newest picture, I didn't see ONE picture of him with his tail Upright and wagging!

And I guess at this stage they are still growing, the wiry hair of Max might still has chance to develop! But I really don't want a overly submissive dog, because they might have TOO MUCH issues later on. Training for such dogs won't be easy because they are overly SHY! And some will have submissive urination problem too!

And it sounds so odd that Mcduff is being 'hard sell', something fishy?
Everything good about max is sort of a negative point ...

It sounds like the decision has been made right?
Hang ON, hubby working now and will be back in the evening to made the FINAL call!

Plus one bestie supports our decision too!

Friday, March 12, 2010

More stuffs added!

More stuffs for the puppy who is NOT HERE YET! Hahahaha....

We are crazy toto's mommy and daddy! We even got him his pampers already! It is selling on discount 50pcs for USD10, we thought we can get 2 for him first. This is for the intial stages for using in the car or in his crate or even when visiting other people! Good idea to keep some here and there for the Just In Case!

The harness and leash is from Gooby Pet, and we find it selling on clearance for USD6.99, GRAB! We don't even know whether it can fit the PUPPY! But the material is soft and we thought this kinda of harness won't hurt the neck and would be soft on the puppy skin!

And this flowery frisbees is selling for USD2.99, I just got it because it is TOO cute and cheap to resist! Hubby says although I restrict HIM to only getting 3 toys for TOTO, but I cannot STOP myself from getting toys for him!

Hubby shouting * UNFAIR * hahahaha ...

Our initial PACT was to just GET him 3 toys!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

@ 5 weeks and Finale ...

I guess we will have to make a choice soon!
But since we are the last 2nd one so we just have to wait out ...

The whole  big group of 7 brothers and sisters!
My Toto will be ONE OF THEM!
First UP : Macintosh
Maximillion, the fatest and the fluffiest in the group!
We are guessing he might be the alpha puppy!
Our choice, Mcduff! He seems so little and puppyish!
Like undernourishED!
And Monte still look like the Yo-yo 黑色会's (secret society or mafia) dog!
From the way I see, we be left with Mcduff and Monte to choose from. But YQ say, Macintosh might also easily be left behind too! What you think? From these set of pictures I think Maximillion is the cutest, follow by Macintosh, then Mcduff and last of all Monte.

But they are really TOO YOUNG to gauge?
I guess with good food and proper grooming, their look can change too!

Omg, they are ALL SO CUTE!
Who will we get?
All pictures credit to Spring Ranch Chateau Kennel.