Monday, April 30, 2012

I missssssssssssss U

Omg, I miss TOto so much that unknowingly, subconsciously I keep looking at his photographs and videos of TOto in my phone or I subconcioulsy will start flipping through his blog and youtube video! 
I AM GOING CRAZY missing him! 

11 days to go ...

But when I tell my mom, I still have 11 days before I go back to USA. Mom's reaction is 'only' 11 days left?

I guess it is the same mommy's feeling that we both have ...

We missed a number of events this year in May but I know I be spending alot more time with TOto this coming year. At least I know I be spending :

4th July

I usually missed this 2 major event!
I miss you so much my furryboy ...

Yesterday night, I told hubbie I miss TOto so much, and he told me he found something that will definitely brought tears to my eyes when I see it. He found a photobook I made of TOto when he first came into our home. 

"LOOK at that tiny white furry bear-like soft-toy!"
How did he become this white furry monster now, hahaha ~
If he sits on my lap now, you can only see his head ...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

See ya in 21 days!

The morning we brought TOto in, he was so tired he refused to wake up and has his breakfast. So daddeee has to try his ways and means to coax TOto to have his breakfast!
He was so tired, he curled up in my big fat thigh, so sweet.
It really break my heart to always have to leave him for such a long period of time.
The older he gets, the more difficult it was for us to be separated!

I must remember his paws ...
And his nose ...
The camp was a nice size, and TOto looks happy and excited to be inside.

He takes a look at us and just goes back to do his business as usual.
We bought him a winter fleece even before we left Petsmart!
Heavily discounted!
Our 4.5 hours drive to Houston airport.

We'll be back soon, hopefully MrK has time to send us some picture updates of TOto!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shave paw paw k?

We are left with the last grooming session, shaving his paws!

I think this is the easiest of all grooming chores!

But sometimes TOto gets impatient, Daddeee also need Mammeee help!
Left side ...
OK, change right side ...
But he kept struggling, Daddeee fed up and ...
Change position again ...
In the end, this is the BEST POSITION!
In Daddeee's lap!
Shave till TOto fall asleep!
Basically as long as TOto is in our lap we can do ANYTHING except cut his nails hahahaha!

But this position will KILL our aching back!
We have already pack TOto's stuffs and send them to Mr K home ...

I packed in a packet of Char Siew Rice for Mr K's dinner as well.
In the Char Siew Rice, there are some voodoo 'curse' hoping Mr K will be blind to TOto's naughtiness ...
... Muahahahahahahahaha ...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I wish you can go with us TOO!

We are starting to pack for our long trip home. 
Hub turn away for a moment and back; he saw TOto has already JUMP into the luggage! 
So cute but so sad at the same time!
TOto no worries, you'll be in good hand!
MrK indulged TOto more than us and TOto gets to go Daycamp almost everyday.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One day after TOto's Vaccination!

In the morning, TOto was performing all his usual routine and finished up all his breakfast! So we thought he is doing ok after his vaccinations, and since we are going out for TOto's kibble, we can bring him along ...
When we were home TOto was so tired, he skipped dinner and goes straight to SLEEP!
In the evening, TOto see that I pull my black lounge chair, he came and scratched at my feet.
My interpretation : "Mammeee, scratched me."
Daddeee's interpretation : "He wants to sit on the chair!"

I let TOto has the chair and daddeee was right, TOto jump up the chair right after I walk away. But TOto didn't lie dow, he sat and was looking at me. And when I start to walked near him, he wags his tail and sat straight up. When I was near enough, he was paw-ring and trying to scratched me. Daddeee says," TOto wants you to see with him!"

Indeed, as usual TOto will want to cuddle with me ONLY when he is not feeling well. TOto was so comfortable lying down with me on the black lounge chair, daddeee instructed ME NOT TO MOVE because TOto was sleeping very soundly!
In the room, he went straight to his crate.
But in the middle of the night daddeee hears TOto chewing something outside and realised he was chewing on paper! And his tummy was very LOUD.
TOto must be very uncomfortable and upsetting that he has to try chewing paper to calm his tummy! Mammeee had a bad headache, took painkillers and was sleeping. Daddeee had to wake mammeee up @2am in the morning to force feed 'Famotidine' to TOto! (Yesh, this type of 'bad-guy' stuffs are always done by me!)

Mammeee was sleeping so soundly and doesn't know what happen yesterday night. Daddeee tells me that after 10-15minutes later, TOto starts to eat some of his favorite treats bit by bit. And daddeee manage to coax and handfed TOto into eating some kibbles and some freeze-dried meat patty. After eating, TOto felt much better and was fast asleep after that!

Thank god! 
We made the mistake of bringing him out today right after his vaccinations yesterday! He should have at least rested at home for 2-3 days! 

Luckily TOto didn't get too sick.

Monday, April 16, 2012

2012 Annual Checkup, PASS!

We were late for TOto's appointment, and both of us jumped awake and was scrambling about and only TOto was left on the bed wondering why the both of us are like 2 crazy beans scrambling here and there. TOto refused to bulged out of the bed! Hahaha usually TOto will be like a 'kancheong spider' running in and out with us too when we are preparing to go out! But still we have to nudge him out of bed and he refuse to have his breakkie!
We were late and we have to wait awhile and this make TOto very agitated and insecure!
And I have to CARRY him for most of the time while in the clinic room waiting ...

A 19lbs sack of rice!

His heartworm pills, Checked.
Annual booster for Bordetella, Rabies Canine, DHPPV, Fecal Test for EARTWORM /E.CANIS/LYME TEST, and Canine Leptospirosis Vaccine; CHECKED!
We even order a Titre test for TOto just incase we have to go back to Singapore for good.

The 2 busybodies looking at what the Vet and Nurses are doing behind the door!

He did great, the nurse technician says that TOto is the best dog for the day and he was extremely calm for a terrier. And the funniest thing that happen was when the Vet was taking TOto's blood, instead of struggling TOto comes to a "PAUSE" mode, with his one front paw in mid-air! We were so worried that TOto would snip at the vet durng the Blood drawing because if he moves too much, the Vet would have a hard time drawing his blood. Hahahaha to our surprise, TOto freezes for that! Throughout the inspection and injection, TOto was just trying to look at us without snipping at the technician or vet! 

You made us PROUD TOto!

Remember TOto at his first visit?
~FLASHBACK @ 4lbs~
What else do we need to do?
A new softtoy is on the way and we have to top up TOto's kibbles too!

Need to pack up for TOto's holiday at MrK!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photologue of the day - 20100415

... Today ...

In the morning ...
Whenever I prepare Char Siew, TOto will refuse to eat!!!
Hahaha the BBQ Pork smell too GOOD as compare to his kibble.
Eck, no the Char siew is not for you!

In the afternoon ...
Daddeee trimmings TOto's nail.
We are preparing TOto for MrK.
Leaving for Sg this coming weekend
If you notice I just gave TOto a hardcore handstripping session too!

At night ...
TOto is trying to tell us, the room is TOO BRIGHT!
Hahahahaha ducking his head under the pillow to cover his eyes, so funny ...

What a LONG day for TOto!
Going for his annual shots tomorrow ...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fri 13 : Kite Flying @ Celebration Park

Today is FRIDAY 13th!
But today is JUST a great weather day! 
There is the Wind, Clouds, and SUN!

Kite Flying @ Celebration Park, Allen
TOto is just HAPPY, running here and there unleashed.

When the kite is ready ...
TOto wonders, what is his role in KITE FLYING!???
It is funny to see how he is running about with Daddeee when the Kite-flying's session starts!

What about mammeee, what is she doing?
The sun is too bring, wind is too strong; mammeee is just hiding under my BIG UV Umbrella!
My one hand is trying to HOLD on to the huge Umbrella against the strong wind, and my the other hand is holding on to my phonecam taking down some memories ...
Being unleashed didn't released TOto's wild side.
He was quite the good boy! He is either by Daddeee's side or hiding in the shade with me, OR just in between me and Daddeee! NO one bothers about him, hahahaha. I guess he is more scared than us wondering if we might just LOSE HIM! But he is just so happy running about and playing with his 'orange ball'! Just seeing him runs wild makes my day. I think this is just every pawrents' dream come true, to have some clean and huge area for their furkids to do what they want ...

TOto resting in between us; from a distance watching Daddeee fly kite!

Love it, Just a great day!

The video shows, how TOto is trying to join in the Kite Flying and in the end GAVE UP!
Hahahaha, and rather watch silly Daddeee running about by himself in the background ...