Monday, April 16, 2012

2012 Annual Checkup, PASS!

We were late for TOto's appointment, and both of us jumped awake and was scrambling about and only TOto was left on the bed wondering why the both of us are like 2 crazy beans scrambling here and there. TOto refused to bulged out of the bed! Hahaha usually TOto will be like a 'kancheong spider' running in and out with us too when we are preparing to go out! But still we have to nudge him out of bed and he refuse to have his breakkie!
We were late and we have to wait awhile and this make TOto very agitated and insecure!
And I have to CARRY him for most of the time while in the clinic room waiting ...

A 19lbs sack of rice!

His heartworm pills, Checked.
Annual booster for Bordetella, Rabies Canine, DHPPV, Fecal Test for EARTWORM /E.CANIS/LYME TEST, and Canine Leptospirosis Vaccine; CHECKED!
We even order a Titre test for TOto just incase we have to go back to Singapore for good.

The 2 busybodies looking at what the Vet and Nurses are doing behind the door!

He did great, the nurse technician says that TOto is the best dog for the day and he was extremely calm for a terrier. And the funniest thing that happen was when the Vet was taking TOto's blood, instead of struggling TOto comes to a "PAUSE" mode, with his one front paw in mid-air! We were so worried that TOto would snip at the vet durng the Blood drawing because if he moves too much, the Vet would have a hard time drawing his blood. Hahahaha to our surprise, TOto freezes for that! Throughout the inspection and injection, TOto was just trying to look at us without snipping at the technician or vet! 

You made us PROUD TOto!

Remember TOto at his first visit?
~FLASHBACK @ 4lbs~
What else do we need to do?
A new softtoy is on the way and we have to top up TOto's kibbles too!

Need to pack up for TOto's holiday at MrK!


  1. All those needles would give me a fright! I have almost no tolerance for pain (lol). How do you help TOto to be so calm at the vet's clinic? Maple gets very nervous and will tremble. I will often bring treats thinking that would distract her, but she just wants to leave right away. Maybe it has to do with the environment, staff, and patients? A dog can probably sense whether there are positive or negative vibes.

    1. Usually if we are on time for our appointment, we register and goes right into the checkup room. Not much waiting time and usually not much other dogs around. Once into the room TOto will feel better. But because we are late that day, TOto was more agitated then usual and restless. And there are a few other 'sick' dogs around, so I guess like you say they can sense the negative vibes of other dogs. I can imagine the usual Singapore clinic are rather packed, and smell of medicines keke ~ Our Vet here, the reception area feels like a hotel reception! We chose the clinic because the clinic is new and clean and doesn't smell like dog! But I think TOto doesnt care for that!! But the checkup room like you see is small and not much 'APPARATUS' around, I wonder does that matter too?