Friday, April 13, 2012

Fri 13 : Kite Flying @ Celebration Park

Today is FRIDAY 13th!
But today is JUST a great weather day! 
There is the Wind, Clouds, and SUN!

Kite Flying @ Celebration Park, Allen
TOto is just HAPPY, running here and there unleashed.

When the kite is ready ...
TOto wonders, what is his role in KITE FLYING!???
It is funny to see how he is running about with Daddeee when the Kite-flying's session starts!

What about mammeee, what is she doing?
The sun is too bring, wind is too strong; mammeee is just hiding under my BIG UV Umbrella!
My one hand is trying to HOLD on to the huge Umbrella against the strong wind, and my the other hand is holding on to my phonecam taking down some memories ...
Being unleashed didn't released TOto's wild side.
He was quite the good boy! He is either by Daddeee's side or hiding in the shade with me, OR just in between me and Daddeee! NO one bothers about him, hahahaha. I guess he is more scared than us wondering if we might just LOSE HIM! But he is just so happy running about and playing with his 'orange ball'! Just seeing him runs wild makes my day. I think this is just every pawrents' dream come true, to have some clean and huge area for their furkids to do what they want ...

TOto resting in between us; from a distance watching Daddeee fly kite!

Love it, Just a great day!

The video shows, how TOto is trying to join in the Kite Flying and in the end GAVE UP!
Hahahaha, and rather watch silly Daddeee running about by himself in the background ...


  1. That is a huge field... and there's hardly anyone else in sight!

    It's hard to think of a comparable place in Singapore where there is endless green open space unoccupied by the masses. Well, there is one hidden gem that we have discovered. It's a secluded area that few people know about. But, we've had to limit our visits to this place because there's a certain type of plant (I think it's called Mimosa pudica) growing there which gives Maple (and my hubby) rashes.

    Looks like it was a fantastic outing. Hope you guys get to enjoy more of these kite-flying days!

    1. There is lots of such fields here with baseball courts, soccer fields, playground etc. But this particular one is very new and CLEAN! And there isn't forest or trees around, or any lakes or drains and the streets are a distance away. So we feel safe for TOto to be unleashed, at least he won't run off with the rabbits!

      I hope by the time we go back to Singapore, TOto's energy would have drop and a walk around the neighbourhood would be enough!!!