Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bonnie Wenk Dog Park @ Mckinney,Tx

We have been anticipating for this dog park since last year and finally I read somewhere that they will be holding a Opening Ceremony! We are so excited, because we read somewhere that it will be GRASS patched and it will be lighted at night. 


But when we reached, all our smiles gone. 
We see woodshed, soil, and dirt?
We are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Disappointed!!!
TOto hated such woodshed ground, and he seldom play in this ground. Plus we couldn't play fetch with him because it will be so dirty, and TOto will be munching lotsa of mud that got stuck to the ball.
The area is HUGE ...
They are 3 ground in total; 1 area for large dogs, 1 area for small dogs and a Waterpad ground.
There wasn't much people when we arrived.

TOto slowly and carefully surveying the ground.
An area for the human bean beans ...

I guess we will bring TOto here to play with the water in the hot hot summer!
TOto only starts playing here when the water starts splashing about!

2 huge wolf-dogs come to play!

Love the stainless steel water bowl in the ground.

We are so dissappointed that they didn't have grass patched for the dog park, and each time TOto played in woodshed we usually have to rinse him out like 4-5x before we can get all the sand and mud out of him! He will be so dirty and he is always very careful when playing in the woodshed like he is scared that something will hurt him!

It's beautiful but ...

Friday, March 1, 2013