Sunday, October 24, 2010

TOto we Miss You ...

Hubby is taking the separation HARDER than TOto; he see Toto everywhere!!

When he goes to the toilet, he comes out to tell me the toilet urine stand's brand is TOTO. When he watches a movie on the flight; a scene about the Waterpark reminds us of the time we bring him to Hawaiian fall. When I made a coughing noise in my sleep; he says it sounds like Toto growling. Everywhere he turns to, food he eat, scene he see; it is a reminder that Toto is not here.

In the end, I AM the one going MAD!

I think hubby will be falling into DEPRESSION mode soon.
Hubby is like a Prisoner in a prison cell, doing this; counting down to the day he can go home!
(Photo Credit : Sai's Gallery)

Anyway I have a video of the last day when we bring him in to Petsmart for Daycamp, and Mr K fetch him direct to his home in the evening. This way, it is less traumatic for Toto and us. And the next time Toto see us will be me and hubby to fetch him from Petsmart Daycamp too, hopefully he will remember us!

Warning : Very sad video!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

@ 8 months tricks training!

We didn't really progress to teach him much new tricks. We only try to enhance it to VOICE command and Hand command and making sure every tricks is followed through at anytime. There are more silly tricks that we accidentally realised he can do like, YQ can ask him to go forward abit abit (过去一点), or reversed abit abit (回来一点). And he will turn his head to see where YQ wants him to go, that is damn funny! Like a human toy.

Anyway this is a sample routine of what we usually want him to do when we want to give him treat. Toto actually enjoys trick training. One thing for sure, when we tell him something and he doesn't understand, we will tell him things that he can, and he be happily doing it for us. From this we can see, actually alot of time, he is trying to understand us when we try to talk to him. If not u see him swaying his head side by side ...

This video is taken a few days before we left for Singapore.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Test Run at Mr K home!

Edited the page with 'Tab' on top with all the information that Mr K will need for the one month!
Health Info, Potty and Daily Habit, Commands Use, Kibbles & Treats and Youtube!
Today we had a trial run, and after checking-in Toto at Petsmart Day Camp, me and hubby loiter around. We saw him happily BULLYING other dog and so happy running about and finding friends to play with. We can then relax and left him romping and playing.
In the evening MR K came along to fetch Toto while hubby hide somewhere.

We thought TOto would resist but he didn't and left happily with MR K and me. We brought Toto to pee and walk towards Mr K car. Again, no resistance, he happily jump in the front seat and settle there.

The 'seatbelt' that hubby prepared was a tad too short and Toto was very uncomfortable as he cannot lie down so he whine and struggle abit. I release his leash, surprisingly, he didn't struggle, jump or just be naughty. He lie on the front seat all the way to Mr K home.

Again, Mr K leashed him and brought him to his house; Toto didn't resist at all and happily followed in!!

So that will be it, on Fri MR K will be fetching Toto all alone and Toto will be with him for a Autumn Vacation!

During work days, Mr K will be bringing Toto to Petsmart for Day camp daily and then bring him home at night. Hopefully Toto will be good and won't give Mr K too much troubles ...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toto no need to be boarded!!

Me and hubby have to go back to SG for a month and we have been RACKING our head open as to what to do with TOto, and God answered. Hubby's colleague Mr K has agreed to help us look after Toto when we are away!! Toto will be in Petsmart's daycare from Monday-Friday, and Mr K will look after Toto full days on weekend!

Initially we agree to board him because we do not want to impose on anyone and the schedule in boarding will be rigid, and we thought 'these people' will be the expert. But after ONE DAY of daycare and Toto come back with a 'injured' penis, we are 'horrified'! What expert, 'PUI'! The people there will not be checking on Toto's daily to make sure he is ok plus Toto has a high threhold for pain, which make it even less visible for sign of pain!!

So we brought him to Mr K's home on Sunday to familiarised Toto with Mr K and his home, and sort of teach TOto where in the house can he pee. K has a small garden behind, so it will be VERY EASY for Toto!! And I have successfully brought him out a few time to potty! We hope Toto will be good and make life easy for Mr K!!
We dressed Toto up to impress Mr K, Toto spend one full day with Mr K and Toto manage to slowly warmed up to Mr K and his home ...
A handsome dog huh!? Another colleague of Hubby, Mr C is also very impressed with our dog and willing to helpout if Mr K cannot make it in time to fetch Toto. Toto is very blessed with so much people willing to lend a helping hand to help him ...
We are glad all the training and love we gave TOto make him a very likeable dog!!
Mommy is out shopping, and TOto EYE never leave the direction I am gone ...
He is looking out for ME.

Anyway I just want to come back to a Healthy and living puppy, but of course a happy one will be a bonus!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Toto @ Stewart Creek for Pirate Day!

More pictures @ TOto's facebook account here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Solid Gold + Orijen 6 fish!

TOto is now on a 1 cup kibbles daily and which consist of half cup "Solid Gold Hund N Flocken Puppy Food" and "Orijen 6 Fresh Fish with Sea Vegetables". And if he is going to a daycare or going out, we be giving him abit more 3/4 cup each morning and evening.

Guess which 1/2 is Orijen and which is Solid Gold?
The Solid dark brown kibbles is orijen and on the right side the yellowish brown is solid gold.

We are lucky that Toto is not sensitive to change of food, and we can 'try' food on him as we like and wouldn't affect him!

And hubby is trying to change him to a ZERO grain diet, but a grain-free diet will be very high in protein! And kibbles that are high in Protein will be adverse to a puppy kidney! The irony huh ...

Grain bad for Dogs but grain  increase the carbohydrates percentage, and thus reduce the percentage of Protein.. And Grain-free product will be high in PROTEIN.

That is why he is on a 50-50 mix.
After he finish his Solid Gold Hund N Flocken Puppy Food, we be transiting that 50% to adult food soon! We are still looking about but at the moment, this 2 mix is good.

YQ is considering a total switch to Orijen but we will be transiting him slowly when we are back in November, for now he is half puppy half adult :)

The Orijen 6 fish kibbles smell like our typical 鱿鱼 tidbits lo!!

(1/4 cup of each per meal on normal days!)

A short clip from the Westie Walk 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Problem Solved

Toto again LOST CONTROL at the Patio, both of us felt so lost we have to get out of the house to 'breath' and lucky us, we manage to TALK it through. Althou we still cannot find the exact reason for his 'change' but then we figure that we had to treat him like a baby puppy again.
We think TOto might have gotten confused.

1) When he place 2 front paws on the Nugi to pee for a few days, we sort of scolded him. This might have confused him, that we do not want him to pee there.

2) And when we goes out, we always encourage TOto to pee first before boarding our car and drive off to the 'Dog park. So he might think that once he PEEd DOWNSTAIRS on the grass he gets the chance to GO OUT. So he try to 'TOLERATE' his pee as long as possible until we bring him downstairs! And he never get scolding from Pee-ing or Pooping downstairs!

But this short 'fiasco' tell us that, from now on TOto can hold his pee for at maximum 8hours! And so, now when we go out we wouldn't have to rush back, hahahaha ...

Anyway we use the most primitive method of putting his nugi back into a PLAY PEN again like when he is a baby puppy! And once we reached home from breathing some fresh air outside, and bring Toto to the pen area, he refused initially but we also refused to let him come out. And he got the idea and PEE onto NUGI!!

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh our FIRST success!!
After that we calculate the timing, and we crated him at night. He requested to come out like 3am, just nice. I brought him to the Pen area, he refused to submit, but eventually pee when I goes off to the toilet myself. 2nd Success ...

After that when we woke in the morning, we saw a 3rd puddle, that means he pee in Nugi in the middle of the night too! Yeahhhhhhh ...

And he also Poop onto Nugi without cue!
He has this habit of jumping onto our bed after he poop!! That is how we realised he poop, and if we are still sleeping he would sleep with us!

OUR TOTO is back!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Toto got the B-infection ...

The condition Toto gotten is balanoposthitis!

From Wiki.
In dogs, balanoposthitis is caused by a disruption in the integumentary system, such as a wound or intrusion of a foreign body. A dog with this condition behaves normally, with the exception of excessive licking at the prepuce, and a yellow green, pus-like discharge is usually present.

After a antibiotic shot and a antibacterial/antibiotic ointment, 'EnteDerm';  he is better already but then he still do not want to pee on nugi ...

TOto @ 8 mths

Last week was terrible, TOto is at his Terrible 8! His adolescent is FULL BLOWN! Last weekend he always urinate out of his nugi and YQ is cleaning up his PEE for a few days! Toto purposely only placed 2 paws on his nugi and all his pee are outside! Dang ...
Then on Wednesday we decide to let him try day care and he came back Soooooooooooooooooo DIRTY and we discover that his penis tip cannot go back into his sheath and we are frantic and wondering what happen. We frantically search the internet and was 'instructed' to ICE it to reduce the swollen penis sheath and head. In the end we still have to use KY to help the tip slide back into the sheath ...

He was WHITE and pretty when we board him but when we collect him ...
He is GREY! We have no choice but to bath him ...

And we thought that is the end of our nightmare ...

In the morning, I found one puddle of pee ...

In the afternoon, he lost control of his bladder and wet the SOFA! I was LOOKING at him lose control, I think he scared himself and jump off the sofa and goes into hiding. We thought he might be tooooooo tired from the day care because he was allowed to play from 8am-5pm, and usually TOto sleep throughout the afternoon!
And After that he has this habit of HOLDING his pee and DO NOT want to use NUGI anymore. What happen in DAYCARE!? And subsequently every morning, he will have one puddle here and there, unless we bring him out to do his business!! So we timed him, every 8hours we try to bring him out ...

Sunday night was the WORST, we saw PUS coming out of his PENIS and we have to bring him into EMERGENCY! The Vet wash out his pus and did a check, it was bacteria infection, and that Vet visit cost us USD180+, and we were given a tube of meds to apply for him. We were so traumatised by the whole event, imagine seeing PUS coming out of his penis ...
Now every morning is a 'fight' between TOto and YQ!
TOto will not be allowed to go out into the patio UNLESS he use the Nugi! And today, in the afternoon. Toto overslept, and lost control again!!! aRRRRGghhhhhh! Toto must been influence by other naughty dog in daycare to 'rebel' by holding his PEE so that we have no choice but to bring him out MORE OFTEN!
Can he survive ONE MONTH of Boarding?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Stella and Chewys freeze dried Dinner

We were 'introduced' to Stella and Chewys as treat for Toto and Toto loves loves loves it! OMG, he do ANYTHING for this; 'Bang', Roll', 'Surrender' and etc, at ONE COMMAND ONE ACTION. And later I realised this should be given as DINNER! Gosh, hahaha we have to feed it sparingly then, and I have cut the patties into 4 part!
The patties really SMELL good!!

It smells something like the Human's version of 'bak hu aka Pork floss'!

It was on a 1 for 1 discount at Pet Supplies Plus's opening so we gotten 2 for Toto; The 'Dandy Lamb' and 'Duck Duck Goose'. We will try the treat's version after we finish all the treats Toto has!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Human chair VS doggie bed!

Something like this 'doggie version' cost USD80!
And something like this which cost us USD9.00 give TOto immense pleasure. Like innocent little kids, dogs do not know how much his toy or gadget COST. They just love what you use, and what you do together with them! As long as the things you give him have your smell or you are doing it with him, he is happy ...

TOto will actually INVITE you to join him at the patio. He will scratch scratch our calf and then he will walk over to the patio. :) sweet little fellow huh ...

And after that he happily fall asleep in the patio on our chair ...

Sometimes waking up because some people is walking the dog downstairs
He loves to people/dog watch from the chair too!
Blisss ...
Cuddling comfortably in a USD9 chair

I guess YQ will still get his baobei a similar Dog bed but at a lower price! Our sofa at home only cost us USD100+!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Westie Rescue of North Texas Walk and Sachse Fall Festival

There are too much photos to load here, but click on the link here to go to Toto's album in his facebook! It is very early in the morning, but then when you whisper 'walk walk' to Toto, he will JUMP up from anywhere. It was too early we have to grab coffee hahaha. It is a long day, check out the photos for the day ...

Location : Mary Heads Carter Park and Sachse Heritage park

Monday, October 4, 2010

Southlake Oktober Festival

We went to a event Southlake's Oktoberfest and a girl saw Toto and exclaimed,' Arrrhhhhhh, Cesar Dog!' and then continue with, 'Every dog wants to be a Cesar dog!'

I want to RETORT back,' Do you think every westie can be a Caesar Dog?'! Geeze it takes ALOT of work, and if done by others, alot of $$$$$ to keep that Caesar Westie LOOK! And our Caesar Dog, TOto is totally Fully groom by Moi and Me!! Fully handstripped, and head trim trim here and trim trim there by ME and Moi only! Hopes he grow MORE fur soon and looks like a Cesar dog soon!