Thursday, October 14, 2010

Problem Solved

Toto again LOST CONTROL at the Patio, both of us felt so lost we have to get out of the house to 'breath' and lucky us, we manage to TALK it through. Althou we still cannot find the exact reason for his 'change' but then we figure that we had to treat him like a baby puppy again.
We think TOto might have gotten confused.

1) When he place 2 front paws on the Nugi to pee for a few days, we sort of scolded him. This might have confused him, that we do not want him to pee there.

2) And when we goes out, we always encourage TOto to pee first before boarding our car and drive off to the 'Dog park. So he might think that once he PEEd DOWNSTAIRS on the grass he gets the chance to GO OUT. So he try to 'TOLERATE' his pee as long as possible until we bring him downstairs! And he never get scolding from Pee-ing or Pooping downstairs!

But this short 'fiasco' tell us that, from now on TOto can hold his pee for at maximum 8hours! And so, now when we go out we wouldn't have to rush back, hahahaha ...

Anyway we use the most primitive method of putting his nugi back into a PLAY PEN again like when he is a baby puppy! And once we reached home from breathing some fresh air outside, and bring Toto to the pen area, he refused initially but we also refused to let him come out. And he got the idea and PEE onto NUGI!!

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh our FIRST success!!
After that we calculate the timing, and we crated him at night. He requested to come out like 3am, just nice. I brought him to the Pen area, he refused to submit, but eventually pee when I goes off to the toilet myself. 2nd Success ...

After that when we woke in the morning, we saw a 3rd puddle, that means he pee in Nugi in the middle of the night too! Yeahhhhhhh ...

And he also Poop onto Nugi without cue!
He has this habit of jumping onto our bed after he poop!! That is how we realised he poop, and if we are still sleeping he would sleep with us!

OUR TOTO is back!!

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