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@16 months
06.00am - Persistent whining to wake us up to be let out to the patio
07.00am - Knock and scratch Patio door to be let in and have breakfast
07.30am - Goes back to sleep
09.00am - Goes for his potty with daddy
(OR If he is sleepy he will not be enthusiastic to jump up to go with daddy at 9am and instead sleep in with me till 11am to go down for his first potty session!)
11.00am - 5.00pm - Very lethargic, sleeping here and there everywhere!
06.00pm - Will be fully wake when Daddeee is home!
07.30pm - Have dinner
07.45pm - Either a walk or a run for 45minutes to 1hr.
10.30pm - Last potty walk

@11 months
We bring Toto to Petsmart twice a week; Tuesday and Thursday. Sometime we bring him in one of the weekend. The weather is too cold now, and we cannot bring TOto to Dogpark as much as we like to. So to maintain his 'pyschology' health and his healthy weight, we let him play in Daycamp. And we had reduce his morning meal to 1/4 cup because his poop is still soft and we suspect we are overfeeding him! But we gave him more treats (Freshly baked biscuit by moi). And now we trained TOto to go down just to Pee and back home, so far he is doing it quite willingly of course we will have a biscuit to 'lure' him back!

8.30am - First walk (Depending on when hubs wake; pee/poop)
9.00am - First meal (1/4 cup)
6.30om - 2nd Meal (1/2 cup)
7.30pm - Last walk (pee/poo)
10.30pm - Just bring him down for pee
The schedule is getting easy!

@ 10 months 3weeks Old
Recently TOto poop is very soft, we suspect he POOP too much so we lessen his walk to twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

8.30am - First walk (pee/poop)
9.00am - First meal (1/2 cup)
6.30om - 2nd Meal (1/2 cup)
7.30pm - Last walk (pee/poo)
10.30pm - Short walk (pee)

@10 months old
Now he is a fully outdoor pee/poop dog. Erm, we didn't train him to do that, he just want to convert it himself. I guess if you want to 'convert' your dog, you have to give him a structured schedule.

I guess because MR K has given him a strict schedule, he is now a convert. But hub now have to wake up every morning to bring him down for walk, and before hub sleep, TOto usually will have a last walk.

On Normal day
8.30am - First walk (pee/poo)
9.00am - First meal (1/2 cup)
12.00pm - Not necessary, unless I am in a good mood!!
5.30pm - Before sunset (pee/poo)
6.30om - 2nd Meal (1/2 cup)
10.30pm - Last walk (pee/poo)

Daycamp days
08.30am - First walk (pee/poo)
09.00am - First meal (1/2 cup)
12.30pm - Pee and off to 1/2 Day Daycamp
06.00pm - Snack (1/4 cup)
08.30pm - A little walk before going home
08.45pm - 2nd Meal (1/2 cup)
10.30pm - Last walk

A Day in TOto's life (Still using the Nugi before 8mths old) :

06.30pm - Wake, and let out to the patio by me.
00.00am - Pee and Poop on Nugi
08.30am - Breakfast (1/2 or 3/4 cup)
00.00am - Pee and Poop on Nugi09.45am - Rest
01.00pm - Pee on Nugi06.00pm - Wake and Pee (if he didn't do his afternoons pee) before being let out into the patio.
00.00pm - Poop before dinner on Nugi (1/2 or 3/4 cup) (especially during we eat or hubby in bathroom doing his business!)
08.00pm - Dinner
08.45pm - Walk/Run in the Dog Park, Pee and Poop (SOmetime he poop twice and pee a few times while on his walk!)
10.00pm - Last pee on Nugi...

Extra Potty Habit :
We have made enough mistakes to know :
  • Encourage Toto to Pee before boarding the car, ANYWHERE!
  • Toto will pee/poop faster on FRESH green grass!!
  • He can hold Pee for about 6-7 hours, so usually after he Pee we will crate him and leave for grocery shopping.
  • If for no reason he start sniffing the carpet, and sniffing very HARD. He is looking for places to PEE!
TOto WIPED clean Daily :
We usually clean him up abit daily making sure his feet pad is clean and his coat at least is grass free.

Toto's Weekend :
  • Usually we read Dallasnews.com for Pet to search for news to Pet's Event.
  • We try to feed him before his walk to prevent him chomping on anything he find on the streets!!
  • Nowadays during weekday when activity is low, after the morning business @9plus-am after breakfast, he will try to HOLD it until 8pm walk!
  • Italics are not confirm and Strike out is Toto eliminating that potty habit 'timing' .