Saturday, October 24, 2015

TOtti Home Trial Day 003

Finally its the weekend, and hubby took over the morning session!!!
After 2 days of waking up at 7am and giving that many walks a day, I am dying soon!
By the time I wake, I see this sweet face, "melt"!
We decide to bring Waffle, and my 2 TOts for a swim!

But the pool is close so we just took our time and walked around the shop and get some essentials for TOtti! And took this opportunity to train him too. 

Unleashed walks and also not to pee indoor and on concrete floor!

Gotten the 2in1 to walk them both together.
Seeing them bump together and not cooperating is so funny!
I told them if you 2 don't cooperate, both don't get to poop, pee and mark!

Brought TOtti out to experience 'la kopi' hahahaha!

By the end of the day, TOtti can walk unleashed and can respond to me calling out to him. When unleashed he will always turn around for me. I never guess he got so attached to me on the 3rd day only. 


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