Monday, December 30, 2013

Pigeon Chasing @ Cafe Melba

I keep thinking I missed out a blog entry that I wanted to do. Ok it's Cafe Melba, and why it's not memorable, hmmmm ...
It's the weekend again!
Momsie is just tooooooooooooooooooo TIRED.
Momsie and TOto sleeps till 12.30pm during weekdays and if momsie have to wake up at 10am; it's KILLING HER! LOOK at the EYEBAGS!
When we reached the field near the cafe, it was flooded.
So TOto and hubba walked to the far end, and TOto spent some times chasing away the pigeons and a few round of fetch while waiting for food!
The bruschetta was good.

Hubba ordered the Beef Rendang ...
And I ordered the Crayfish spaghetti.
The food overall didn't impress us, it was forgettable and just blah.
But still I love the field that is right infront, and TOto can expend some energy before we sit down to have a good meal without TOto being restless and wanting our attention! The table and chairs are of quality and are comfortable, and enough fans to keep us comfortable.

TOto was just happy and panting away!
Look at his secret 'smile', drooling away like he see some chiobus walking pass.
It takes MANY MANY shot to get that ONE shot of us both looking at the camera!
Usually it only take one for my Hubba and TOto, TOto just loves LOOKING at me.

YUP and he goes home for a good rinse out.
Serves him right for rolling on the ground, hahahaha.
He ain't that FAT right!
He is just fluffy ...
Hopes Daddeee keeps up the good work of bringing us around Singpapore to try out ALL pet friendly cafe!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Backdated : 3 hours midnight PRE-Christmas Stripping!

Christmas party coming soon and I want TOto to be his best!
It was already 11pm but we have no more time, I need daddeee with me to help me out when I handstripped TOto so no choice ...
After about 3 hours!

His fur is still in a mess because he was shaved when he was left in USA for an extended period because we couldn't go back due to Visa issue. But it is getting better ... 
Shaved fur grows out wispy and curly, arrrghhhh!
When TOto hear, Ok finish!; he was so happy for A MOMENT.
TOto,"WHAT need take Photo at 2am!?"
But still he managed another smile and we are off home for a quick bath and blowdry!
This is how I blowdry him that night with his head DUNK in the pillow; too tired to MOVE!
He smells GREAT after that!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Peperoni Pizzaria @ Greenwood

Daddeee find this pet friendly pizza place and was excited to come down and try their pizza. 
There are very limited parking but we are lucky and find a lot right in-front of the Pizzeria. 

When we arrived we see quite a few tables who brought along their furrykids. We see a 10yrs old very furry westie, and he is sooooooooooo cute! The Pizzeria opens 12pm but when we reached about 12.30pm, the outdoor seating is all reserved, but luckily the waitress helps us do some arrangement and gotten us a table! Advisable to make reservation!
TOto in a good mood today, he seems to be so excited to be here too!

HA, he looks happy huh!

We ordered a appetizer first ...
I LOVE this portebello mushroom with chicken dish!
We ordered the Suprema, I find the pizza so-so not to my expectation.
It's not cheesy enough, too tomatosy for me.
Maybe we ordered the wrong type of pizza.

TOto's pleading look is sooooooooooooo FUNNY!
Carbonara is too thick.
We shared pizza crust with TOto of cousre, and he is happy just having ALL the PIZZA crust, hahaha! 

We were Out the whole day, and he was so tired when we reached home!
When he is tired, he always sleep with this YOGA position like he is a Monitor Lizard.
I want to go to Faber Bistro NEXT!

Address 6 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park, Singapore 289195
Telephone(+65) 6465 6556
Opening HoursMondays to Saturdays: 12pm to 10.30pm
Sundays: 11am to 10.30pm
Public HolidaysClosed on certain holidays. Please call to enquire.
Dress CodeCasual

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Colourful Xmas Party!

Despite all the negativity we always gets from strangers, I am glad my friends accepted TOto readily and was loved! He is always on the INVITE list and nowadays if I am bringing TOto along, friends understand and will allow me to choose a dog friendly restuarant or cafes to go to.

And today it is a X'mas party by the usual host which I missed out for many many years because of us being oversea and finally I can attend their annual X'mas party!!

TOto is mschan ONLY furrykid LOVE, hahaha!
Can't believe she has dogs phobia right?

MY gift!
X'mas gift packs for the kiddos!

OMG so touchie, TOto has a gift too!
A VERY SOFT towel!
I cannot IMAGINE what he would get, thanks for being so observant.
We always bring out a towel for TOto because he has to wash his dirty paws everywhere he goes!
Hahahaha ~
TOWEL is ultimate SOFT and furry, better than what WE are using ...

Thanks for all the acceptance and love from my friends and family!