Monday, December 30, 2013

Pigeon Chasing @ Cafe Melba

I keep thinking I missed out a blog entry that I wanted to do. Ok it's Cafe Melba, and why it's not memorable, hmmmm ...
It's the weekend again!
Momsie is just tooooooooooooooooooo TIRED.
Momsie and TOto sleeps till 12.30pm during weekdays and if momsie have to wake up at 10am; it's KILLING HER! LOOK at the EYEBAGS!
When we reached the field near the cafe, it was flooded.
So TOto and hubba walked to the far end, and TOto spent some times chasing away the pigeons and a few round of fetch while waiting for food!
The bruschetta was good.

Hubba ordered the Beef Rendang ...
And I ordered the Crayfish spaghetti.
The food overall didn't impress us, it was forgettable and just blah.
But still I love the field that is right infront, and TOto can expend some energy before we sit down to have a good meal without TOto being restless and wanting our attention! The table and chairs are of quality and are comfortable, and enough fans to keep us comfortable.

TOto was just happy and panting away!
Look at his secret 'smile', drooling away like he see some chiobus walking pass.
It takes MANY MANY shot to get that ONE shot of us both looking at the camera!
Usually it only take one for my Hubba and TOto, TOto just loves LOOKING at me.

YUP and he goes home for a good rinse out.
Serves him right for rolling on the ground, hahahaha.
He ain't that FAT right!
He is just fluffy ...
Hopes Daddeee keeps up the good work of bringing us around Singpapore to try out ALL pet friendly cafe!

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