Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A White X'mas in Texas ...

Merry merry X'mas everyone ...
It's never the same when it snowed on X'mas ...

Thursday, December 13, 2012


We finaly took the plunge and gotten the 'Infamous' controversial Size 12, Mars Coat King!
It is "rumoured" that Mars Coat king, stripped undercoat and CUT the hard coat, so for the longest time we decide against using Mars Coat king which is either highly recommended by some or highly discouraged because we do not want to cut the hard coat and we want to retain the soft coat ...
Recently we are on this topic again, and a bulb just lighted up.

Maybe we can get the Mars Coat king for area that just doesn't grown hard coat like the skirt, underbelly, feet, and butt area? I usually just trim them and doesn't mess with these area since I cannot really do anything. But I still PULL his soft coat from his neck area using a stripping knife with irritate the hell out of TOto. I guess it must be very uncomfortable to have their soft coat hand stripped.
When the Mars Coat king arrives we are so excited, and both of us 'fight' to try it out.
TOto soft coat is so thick, a simple brush through, 'draws' out so much fur!
These must be 千年老毛!
Now his skirt and butt area is so much thinner and he looks so much skinnier, hahaha!
Now we shall wait and see whether it will 'Hurt' TOto's coat ...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Handstripped for Xmas!

My friends are commenting on how huge TOto is ...
He is about 9kg/20lb, hmmmm; I guess he is too furry and his head is too big AND he badly needs a grooming session!

So when the weather is good, and after 4hours, I have an extremely grouchy pooochie!
But no worries he still loves me!
Right after cleaning up, he wants to play and eat ...
Too cute!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Arts Festival @ The Village at Fairfied

It's the weekend again, and weather is so good; we just wants to LAZE at home, hahahaha! 
Nah, we arranged to go somewhere near us; an Arts Festival at The Village at Fairfield!
TOto is so excited and he loves to go for car ride!
It's just a 5minutes drives over!
1st thing 1st, we have to bring TOto somewhere to finish all his 'business', before proceedings! 
And we know just the place for him to go to ...
LONG, long patch of green green, grass for him to choose 'his' spot!
The Village close of a stretch of roads for the event ...
There wasn't alot of people here maybe because the event was not as well advertised. I only know about it because we were here late last night and saw the people setting up their stalls, if not we will miss this event too!
The weather is good; there is NO RESCUE here, NO LIVEBAND and not as noisy as compared to alot of events we went to so TOto behaved extremely well and very patience throughout the whole walk!
I really loves some of the drawing and painting but we have NO WHERE to hang or keep them
 and these are NOT CHEAP!
LOOK, TOto smiled for the CAMERA!
He gotten lots of ooooohhhh and arrrrhhhhh and someone commented that he is 'THE' dog on the can! Hahaha, Cesar Dog of course! We really need to get some $$$ from Cesar right? TOto is just a walking advertisement for them!
There were a few dogs we saw at the event ...

Another Shadow shot of the family!
There were carolers around too ~
It is really a nice day for a walk out ...
After the Arts Festival, TOto is satisfied and had enough, so we crated him and starts the 2nd part of mammeee and daddeee's day!

If you are interested in PART II of my day it will be @ Ee-myjunkhobby! .

Friday, November 9, 2012

TOto you want biscuit ar?

Let sit what you can do ...

After every DEATH, he will need a biscuit to be revived!

Tough life being a Westie!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

7th Annual Citywide Pet Day @ Owens Spring Creek Farm

*Warning* - Almost 60 photographs!
The seventh annual Citywide Pet Day benefiting the Richardson Animal Shelter was held at Owens Spring Creek Park this year. And this is the first time we are participating the event with TOto! I am very excited because we are finally visiting a FARM with TOto. I hope he does not get fidgety or get too stressed out by the environment likes he usually does!
*Fingers crossed*

When we arrived at about 12.30pm, most of the people are leaving already ...
$1 per pax for Entrance.

TOto see this GIGANTIC horse and he is 'curious'!
He walks abit closer but dare not approached, he is such a COWARD!
And you think he is such a 'TERROR' right?

Can you spot the 2 Scotties?
It was advertised that there are about 60 Vendors and Rescued Organisation setting up tent-age here!

TOto saying Hi, to a Border Collie

*Cheese* You are on CAMERA!

It is a HOT HOT day!
Alot of people are chilling under the shade with their K9 buddies!

A bit disappointed that there isn't more food vendors!
We walked into the petting zoo area.

I wonder why there is always this ONE goat climbing high and looking out of the fences; Goats are creepy!
... and smelly!
The Goat 'baaah' at TOto and you seen TOto jump away so quick; that is so funny!
Look at his CAT-liked stance!
And still trying his luck to look in!

We finally find a shady area for TOto to rest abit and drink some water.

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