Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What dat SMELL?

Smelly Ear means, ear grooming!!!
Pluck pluck pluck, swipe it with cotton pad and rinse it out with Ear cleansing solution!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Without a care in the world

AND he has the best view on the bed!
Hmmmm seems like he has fallen asleep WHILE ON DUTY!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Better 4th DAY

4th day is a much better day!
His need to go down as often has stopped, he even refused to go down in the morning with Daddeee!
It was still raining in the morning but when the weather got better in the afternoon like 3pm, he cannot wait to  run out! The ground is WET, which explains his Tee preventing his belly from getting too dirty but SO CUTE right ...
Once out of the gate, he find his 'SPOT' and finally his poopoo can form SHAPE!
What a relieved when I see his poop!
Hahahaha ~

I will miss the sticky TOto but hope he gets better soon!
It is so rare for TOto to nap on my lap but he did it so often during the 3-4 days that he is not feeling well. Once I felt asleep on the sofa in a sitting, leg cross position, by the time I open my eyes TOto has automatically jump up the sofa and walk himself on my lap and positioning himself in my lap ...

Well he is in daycamp today, and I missed having him around.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TOto 2012 starts with a 'BLAST'!

This blast is not 'HAPPY' blast, more like Diarrhea blasting ...

On Monday, during our usual morning walks; I realised TOto has half okok poop and half sluggish poop. I thought it was the usual but then TOto continues to try pooping for a few times but only liquid/gelly stuffs came out. SOmetimes only air came out! And when we go home he refused food and drink. SO WE CONFIRM, DIARRHEA!
On the first day, he spend so much time on the Balcony I thought he accepted our new home.
Later I realised he was there because he did't want to dirty our home.
And true enough, he vomitted on the balcony! He really understand he cannot dirty the inside of our new home. And I guess his tummy is really uncomfortable and he was so worried he might dirty the interior.
During the 2 days, he was very stick and very lethargic. 
And when he is sick, he will always rest himself right infront of the heater.

On the first day, I brought him down more regularly, most of the time, I brought him down just in time ...

But on the first night, at about 3am TOto suddenly woke up and was WHINING persistantly! 
TOto has stopped his 'Midnight Whining' habit since we move here. So I thought TOto was just being naughty and when I grabbed him and hold him down but he still tried to escape and sat at the door whining. My instinct overcome my 'sleepiness', open the door and walked out with TOto. Immediately TOto lead me to the door and sat at the dolphin carpet. Aaaaah, TOto was telling me he needs to GO DOWN like IMMEDIATE.

I start to change (5 degreeC), and chopchop bring him down; TRUE enough he walked straight to his 'favourite' spot and 'blasted'!

In the 3 days he never dirtied the place and always 'informed' us in his own ways that he need to go down and most time he will try to get my attention and he will be sitting at the dolphin carpet. And he didn't misused this trust, every time he went down, he was really URGENT and blasted almost immediately when we touch ground.

When TOto is trying to 'tell' us what he wants and we get it; he would be so excited wagging his tail, skipping around with us, while we prepare to go down! Hahaha like how we humanbeans are so excited and happy when we try to teach TOto something and he understand us!

I was so worried for this few days to see TOto suffering like that but was so proud of him! So heartpain to see TOto keep trying so hard to poop out watery gelly stuffs. I have to walked him longer during each walk because his tummy is so uncomfortable; you see TOto walk and poop, walk and then try to poop again for a good 30minutes - 40minutes. Sometime when I get impatient and try to pull him home, he refused pull back and then he will walk away and blast again. 

Now I know how to differentiate when TOto really need to do his business or just being naughty refusing to go home. When he still need to pee or poop, TOto will give you EYE CONTACT, when he is pulling against your leash! If not his eye is looking downwards or looking away!

But being the cheerful TOto; he will always be wagging happily when Daddeee is back from work! And seems like he has forgotton that he is in pain and bring 'boing boing' out. Daddeee is his miracle pill.

According to what we read online we prepare; Rice and minced turkey and also gave him Pepto to help with his diarrhea.
Today is the 4th day, his frequent trips to do his business has stopped but I have yet to see his poop this morning. Cross-finger he has recover and I did see him 'running' and 'wagging' his tails in his sleep. It must be happy dream!

Mammeee is secretly very proud of TOto!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Daddeee & TOto

From these pictures you can SEE and FEEL their love for each other...

See how TOto's paw is place on daddeee thigh?
Like saying,'daddeee is mine okie!'
Their sleeping pattern is always the same!!
The two of them takes up ALOT Of space the bed, we need to get a BIGGER BED.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Settled ...

We are finally DONE packing the LIVING ROOM!

Can you spot TOto!?
He is right opposite me enjoying himself on the foldable black lounge chair!

After all the hooo-haaa of the move, he looks so much more relax right?

I think somehow they are very emotionally attached to ours.
During the move, he can sense our 不安 (uneasiness, disturbed, fidgety) so he himself goes into a defensive panicky, insecure mode! As 'Alpha' maybe we should be more reassuring but times like this are stressful to us humanbeans too! This is MY first time moving, so I am at lost what will happen. And TOto sure absorbed our 'stress' like A SPONGE! But now that everything is settled, he seems to be 'acting' better too!

Hope the weather gets better and I can spend more time with him in our huge-ass balcony so he can enjoy himself out there like he used to.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Organic Minced LAMB!

Almost 2 weeks, TOto is getting used to the house and the environment.
BUT he still doesn't like spending time in the Balcony!
WHY? Hmmmmmmmm ...

I have always wanted to add some 'REAL' food into TOto's diet. Just some meat topping in his usual kibbles, but Hubs insist that TOto must eat Organic and only LAMB! And we seldom see minced lamb in the grocery stores here.

皇天不负苦心人, we finally find Minced Lamb meat and it is ORGANIC!
Selling @ US$8.49/lb
Our recent minced pork purchase is on 'promotion' and only US$0.99/lb! You see how much Daddeee is willing to SPEND on TOto! So stingy with mammeee but when it comes to TOto everything has to be the best, no expense is spared.
The steamer did provide a plastic bowl but I used my Lock&lock Silby Ceramic Plate.
My brand new electric steamer!
The 1lb minced lamb seems to SHRINK ALOT!
I rearrange them in my aluminum baking cups.
ONLY 11 and these cups are SMALL!

And keep them in Lock&lock Freezer Lock to freeze them for later use!
TOto never leave my sight for ONE MOMENT! 
The whole house smells so LAMBY!
Even after I clean up, his eyes refused to leave the steamer!
He still sat there staring and sniffing, hahahaha ...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Guard duty in COMFORT!

TOto loves how the bed and window ledge just JOINS together!
He can watch out the window and sleep at the same time ...
It is so funny how his rested his chin on the ledge, the convenience of just opening his eyes when the need arises! The windows here are so much clearer, he can see and guard the house right at this corner!
Hahaha on ALERT at all times!
TOto is slowly getting use to the house. Tonight he tries to nap alone outside at the living room area when we are both inside the bedroom! At first it was right outside, then he slept further and further away, hahaha. 

A good sign? 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Great weather in WINTER!

Thanks for all the concern and advice, I think TOto is slowly settling. I guess moving is like a breakup, TOto just needs some time to adjust and recuperate from the separation! Or maybe he senses the tension we felt during our move, and TOto is projecting OUR emotions!

Hahaha ~
What a softy!

It was a rare good day, and we brought TOto for a long walk right behind our apartment. It was a short trail to a small park! TOto was very happy because Daddeee tag along ...

Yes the SUN is shining brightly and TOto is squinting!
TOto is more relaxed in the house today, at least he is sleeping around the house.
Maybe because we are more relaxed today; we sort of stop all the unpacking and decide to just live as normal!
TOto just finished his chewing session!
We really need to teach him how to KEEP HIS TOYS.
So far TOto is satisfied with where we kept his 2 crates, and he is seen using the crate quite often.
But he is most relaxed on our old bed!
Luckily we decide to keep the bed ...
I can feel that TOto is starting to relax abit more.

Friday, January 13, 2012

TOto days are so GREY!

TOto has this moody face everyday and he still doesn't enjoy the balcony as much as the previous old apartment's Balcony. Sometimes he will just sit at the door, and when I open for him; he doesn't want to go out. If not he just go out for a while, and he wants to comes in. He doesn't loiter in the Balcony anymore. The Balcony is always his private 'sanctuary'!
He kept staring at the door.
TOto seems to be thinking,"When we going home?"
Then he seems to look at me and asked me,"Mom, when we going home huh?"

Now we understand why TOto seems to be such a darling at MrK home. I guess he just can't wait to go home so his focus is to wait for US to come fetch him home. Same as in the new apartment, he follows us everywhere and dare not stay in the Balcony might be because he scare we missed him out and forget to bring him 'home'! The first few days was worst, he kept requesting one of us to carry him or hold him. So most of the time, either me or Hubby has to hold him or sit with him; and the other one does all the dirty work.

He isn't as posessive in the new home and it doesn't matter what is put where and he doesn't sniff out the new furniture or equipment. He didn't even ROLL himself at the new sofa like how he will always do when he was over at MrK home. He really treat this as a hotel, thinking we will LEAVE soon and GO HOME!

He dare not takes his usual afternoon naps, and usually he waited for us before he dare to really sleep. So he only sleeps about 3-4am every night. He is so tired ...

Hopes he settle down soon!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Still adapting to the move ...

TOto is still grasping the concept of the move. He still feels like we are going on a vacation and we'll be going back 'home' soon! He seems so lost in the new home, and doesn't spend much time in the HUGE balcony that we thought he would LOVE! He would just walked out of the balcony and then comes right back in. Sometimes he will sit right at the balcony door and I thought he wants to go out but when I open the door, he refused to go out; so weird.

And the 'difference' is so obvious when we brought TOto back to the 'old' apartment. Once he is out of the car, you can see his tail wagging left,right,left,right! And when we goes back to the apartment, he immediately relaxed himself right on the balcony, if not he will starts his 'runny frenzy' in the apartment and start rolling himself on the back like he always do.

I hope he get used to the idea real soon and make himself comfortable in the BIG NEW HOME!

Friday, January 6, 2012

tis' doe-EYES means ...

Mammeee scratch scratch Okieee?
Ya, ohhhhhh yesh, tat spot, right right RIGHT there!!
How can one not be hypnotized by that PAIR OF EVIL black-DOed eyes right!?

Mammeee is SOoooOOOooOOoo weak!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

We are MOVING!

YEAH, we are moving like SOON finally!
The moving, packing and the shuffling is making TOto very insecure. TOto seems very 'messedup', he is not sure what is happening and we can sense his lost. And when both of us are busy packing, he will come look for me and wants me to carry him. So most of the time, I am carrying or looking after TOto; and Hub is the one doing all the packing. The few days we are packing, he suddenly becomes a 'lap dog', who just wants my attention and be near me! 
Although we are busy preparing for the move but we still bring him to the dog park everyday.
And we came back today, both of us started packing again because we'll be moving in another 2 days. And I find TOto in one corner, finding solace with Turtle!!!

TUrtle is always the best friend and ALWAY there for him!
TUrtle will not be packed in any BOXES; TUrtle will be in Mammeee HAND CARRY BAG!! 
Anything can get lost but NOT TURTLE!

Hope TOto will love the new place!