Friday, January 13, 2012

TOto days are so GREY!

TOto has this moody face everyday and he still doesn't enjoy the balcony as much as the previous old apartment's Balcony. Sometimes he will just sit at the door, and when I open for him; he doesn't want to go out. If not he just go out for a while, and he wants to comes in. He doesn't loiter in the Balcony anymore. The Balcony is always his private 'sanctuary'!
He kept staring at the door.
TOto seems to be thinking,"When we going home?"
Then he seems to look at me and asked me,"Mom, when we going home huh?"

Now we understand why TOto seems to be such a darling at MrK home. I guess he just can't wait to go home so his focus is to wait for US to come fetch him home. Same as in the new apartment, he follows us everywhere and dare not stay in the Balcony might be because he scare we missed him out and forget to bring him 'home'! The first few days was worst, he kept requesting one of us to carry him or hold him. So most of the time, either me or Hubby has to hold him or sit with him; and the other one does all the dirty work.

He isn't as posessive in the new home and it doesn't matter what is put where and he doesn't sniff out the new furniture or equipment. He didn't even ROLL himself at the new sofa like how he will always do when he was over at MrK home. He really treat this as a hotel, thinking we will LEAVE soon and GO HOME!

He dare not takes his usual afternoon naps, and usually he waited for us before he dare to really sleep. So he only sleeps about 3-4am every night. He is so tired ...

Hopes he settle down soon!


  1. Hmmm, I remember reading somewhere that when you bring a new puppy home or if you're moving to a new home with your dog, you may need to keep them in a smaller area and not the whole new home yet. So maybe letting toto stay in a crate or a play pen or maybe even just a smaller room to let toto get used to the new home might help. I also heard that it was important to play in different parts of a new home so that your dog will become used to each area of your new home. hope this helps!

    kim and kip

  2. Hihi,
    Thanks for the advice. I think the constraint is for really HUGE home haha! Ours is just a bigger one bdrm apartment. And I think to constraint the dog to smaller area is to prevent them from urine marking or being destructive like chewing. But so far we didn't see TOto displaying such behavior. He didn't even venture out of our eyesight so far. That why he dare not spend alot of time alone at the balcony by himself. Sometime I lookout for him and couldnt find him anywhere, and he is just right behind me at MY FEET!

    Thanks for the advice thou, I wished we had a BIGGER home to constraint him to smaller area haha!!

  3. Oh no! Poor TOto! Do you have any DAP there? Pheromones to help animals when moving or under stress. Otherwise, try a few drops of Rescue Remedy. Panpomi have moved too many times since they were very young so they adjust quickly.

    TOto seems to have very strong attachments! After all, he has been at the old place almost all his life. They do remember places. Panda still remembers the 2nd place he lived and gets all excited when we pass by. When they were young we had to smuggle them out in a pink bag (don't judge, my bag ok lol) and now whenever they see dog bags they want to squeeze into it. Damn funny cuz Polar cannot fit!

    I think the Rescue Remedy plus a few days of all his favourite foods, nice toys and all might help :) all the best!

  4. @Eve,
    You think is stress?
    I guess like you say VERY STRONG attachment, no choice have to let him slowly adapt. TOt westies are highly adaptable hahaha!! But luckily I housewife, so he not left alone for long period of time so it should be easier for him to adapt.

    Even we bring him to a new daycamp, he also very insecure! Really *slap forehead*!

  5. @Eve,
    Oh you don't look like a 'PINKY' girly gal hahaha ~

  6. Yea I do think it's stress. Moving is especially stressful not only to humans but to the furried ones too! After all it's a change of environment and home. For cats it's worse so you're supposed to confine them to a room blah blah blah. When they moved to Singapore, Mikan would meow and meow to come out of my sis' room but she would pee all over the place so yea, definitely had to confine her (plus buy another pee tray). I also bought some Feliway to help her settle. Panpo are old hands, moved so many times so they are used to it. Just not used to the HOT weather!

    I'm sure TOto will mope for a few days then be back to normal lah, don't worry!! Or maybe he needs some doggy company at home!!! Hahahaha :P

    & haha omg I love pink ;) lol~ Are you a girly girl?

  7. @Eve, gosh poor mikan!
    So how is your family adapting to ur furry kids!?

    TOto is a big boy, dun care him! Hahaha, he slowly adapting bah ... Next time move to SG, even worst for him so HE GOT TO LEARN the hard way hahaha!

    I AM TOO OLD for PINKY PINK! Hahaha ~

  8. Wow, you guys really got set up very quickly in your new place. Well done! Moving from one home to another is never an easy task. It's something I hope we won't have to encounter any time soon... I'm sure TOto will soon adapt to his new environment. Maybe once you and your hubs feel more comfortable and settled in your new apartment, TOto will then follow suit? Meanwhile, have fun exploring your new surroundings!

    1. About 2 weeks now and he is slowly getting use but still not willing to stay out in the Balcony alone! But then he is more comfortable in the home already :)

  9. They love them, a little too much. Gosh I cannot believe they fed "as treats" a WHOLE BAG of dry food while I was away for a week plus. This is in addition to their raw meats. WTF man. They so need to go on a diet.

    Me too, I'm getting too old for pink haha. Too much pink = tacky though. Maybe I should stick with more classy colours such as white and black!

    1. WHAT they feed them like that for how many days! Haha got so much FOOD, they adapt very fast then hahaha!! As long as feed them happy happy they can be anywhere with anyOne hahaha!

      There are many other colours out there neh! I am more neutral, usually those earthy colours. I very dull one!