Friday, January 20, 2012

Settled ...

We are finally DONE packing the LIVING ROOM!

Can you spot TOto!?
He is right opposite me enjoying himself on the foldable black lounge chair!

After all the hooo-haaa of the move, he looks so much more relax right?

I think somehow they are very emotionally attached to ours.
During the move, he can sense our 不安 (uneasiness, disturbed, fidgety) so he himself goes into a defensive panicky, insecure mode! As 'Alpha' maybe we should be more reassuring but times like this are stressful to us humanbeans too! This is MY first time moving, so I am at lost what will happen. And TOto sure absorbed our 'stress' like A SPONGE! But now that everything is settled, he seems to be 'acting' better too!

Hope the weather gets better and I can spend more time with him in our huge-ass balcony so he can enjoy himself out there like he used to.

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  1. Yay awesome! He just needs a lil time to settle in ;)