Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Better 4th DAY

4th day is a much better day!
His need to go down as often has stopped, he even refused to go down in the morning with Daddeee!
It was still raining in the morning but when the weather got better in the afternoon like 3pm, he cannot wait to  run out! The ground is WET, which explains his Tee preventing his belly from getting too dirty but SO CUTE right ...
Once out of the gate, he find his 'SPOT' and finally his poopoo can form SHAPE!
What a relieved when I see his poop!
Hahahaha ~

I will miss the sticky TOto but hope he gets better soon!
It is so rare for TOto to nap on my lap but he did it so often during the 3-4 days that he is not feeling well. Once I felt asleep on the sofa in a sitting, leg cross position, by the time I open my eyes TOto has automatically jump up the sofa and walk himself on my lap and positioning himself in my lap ...

Well he is in daycamp today, and I missed having him around.

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