Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TOto 2012 starts with a 'BLAST'!

This blast is not 'HAPPY' blast, more like Diarrhea blasting ...

On Monday, during our usual morning walks; I realised TOto has half okok poop and half sluggish poop. I thought it was the usual but then TOto continues to try pooping for a few times but only liquid/gelly stuffs came out. SOmetimes only air came out! And when we go home he refused food and drink. SO WE CONFIRM, DIARRHEA!
On the first day, he spend so much time on the Balcony I thought he accepted our new home.
Later I realised he was there because he did't want to dirty our home.
And true enough, he vomitted on the balcony! He really understand he cannot dirty the inside of our new home. And I guess his tummy is really uncomfortable and he was so worried he might dirty the interior.
During the 2 days, he was very stick and very lethargic. 
And when he is sick, he will always rest himself right infront of the heater.

On the first day, I brought him down more regularly, most of the time, I brought him down just in time ...

But on the first night, at about 3am TOto suddenly woke up and was WHINING persistantly! 
TOto has stopped his 'Midnight Whining' habit since we move here. So I thought TOto was just being naughty and when I grabbed him and hold him down but he still tried to escape and sat at the door whining. My instinct overcome my 'sleepiness', open the door and walked out with TOto. Immediately TOto lead me to the door and sat at the dolphin carpet. Aaaaah, TOto was telling me he needs to GO DOWN like IMMEDIATE.

I start to change (5 degreeC), and chopchop bring him down; TRUE enough he walked straight to his 'favourite' spot and 'blasted'!

In the 3 days he never dirtied the place and always 'informed' us in his own ways that he need to go down and most time he will try to get my attention and he will be sitting at the dolphin carpet. And he didn't misused this trust, every time he went down, he was really URGENT and blasted almost immediately when we touch ground.

When TOto is trying to 'tell' us what he wants and we get it; he would be so excited wagging his tail, skipping around with us, while we prepare to go down! Hahaha like how we humanbeans are so excited and happy when we try to teach TOto something and he understand us!

I was so worried for this few days to see TOto suffering like that but was so proud of him! So heartpain to see TOto keep trying so hard to poop out watery gelly stuffs. I have to walked him longer during each walk because his tummy is so uncomfortable; you see TOto walk and poop, walk and then try to poop again for a good 30minutes - 40minutes. Sometime when I get impatient and try to pull him home, he refused pull back and then he will walk away and blast again. 

Now I know how to differentiate when TOto really need to do his business or just being naughty refusing to go home. When he still need to pee or poop, TOto will give you EYE CONTACT, when he is pulling against your leash! If not his eye is looking downwards or looking away!

But being the cheerful TOto; he will always be wagging happily when Daddeee is back from work! And seems like he has forgotton that he is in pain and bring 'boing boing' out. Daddeee is his miracle pill.

According to what we read online we prepare; Rice and minced turkey and also gave him Pepto to help with his diarrhea.
Today is the 4th day, his frequent trips to do his business has stopped but I have yet to see his poop this morning. Cross-finger he has recover and I did see him 'running' and 'wagging' his tails in his sleep. It must be happy dream!

Mammeee is secretly very proud of TOto!


  1. Hmmm, I read somewhere that it's not a good idea to give dogs human medicine. You might want to check with your vet about that just in case. I hope Toto gets better soon! I get really anxious when Kip gets sick or throws up:(

    1. Hi Kim, yeah we don't just just feed him pepto :), we have done some research and pepto is one of the meds that Human can share with canine and we have actually checked with out Vet. TOto has very bad tummy and since young he always has the runs and so far Pepto has work well for us. But of course we don't encourage anyone to just use it for their furrykids!!

      But this is the worst bout that he has suffered but thank god, he has recovered and already sent in to Daycamp for a day of FUN!