Monday, January 23, 2012

Daddeee & TOto

From these pictures you can SEE and FEEL their love for each other...

See how TOto's paw is place on daddeee thigh?
Like saying,'daddeee is mine okie!'
Their sleeping pattern is always the same!!
The two of them takes up ALOT Of space the bed, we need to get a BIGGER BED.


  1. get your hubs to take a few of you and TOto too :D

    1. I am the 'photographer' of the family! Unless requested he seldom will pick up a camera! Plus he takes lousy shots of me! Hahaha plus I hate to be on photograph without makeup and recently or after having TOto I seldom put on any makeup hahaha! *VAIN*

  2. Kip takes up so much space too!
    Sometimes I wake up to find myself jammed in the corner against the wall and Kip spread out luxuriously in the middle of my bed!

    1. Hahaha but Kip look so tiny!
      TOto is like 20lbs ...