Sunday, April 20, 2014

Long weekend in New House!

Slowly getting adapted?

More SMILES because ah hui is around!

Happy as long as boing boing is there ...
And met a friendly neighbourhood cat at old place!
Hopefully he get used to the new place soon.
He still sulk when we mentioned that we are going to the new place and you see his face LIGHT UP when we say GO HOME! Arrrghhhhh ...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

BBQ Roast @ Wong Chiew Eating House (Sembawang Rd)

For many years I was driven past and saw this inconspicuous tze-char place and think nothing of it until I saw it a furrykiddo FB Pet Friendly Restaurant List. Surprisingly they serve; Tze-Char, Dim Sum and Roast BBQ! What a ODD combo, Tze-Char and BBQ was till 2am and Dim Sim is 24hour. 

Basic order that me and Hub usually do, and they were UP to MY standard, my standard is pretty low; I admit! Hahaha but it was good enough for me if I want a meal with TOto by my side! And both of us were impressed by the Siow Bak and the Char Siew! I love Hub Roast Duck noodle too ...
Even the Sio Bak IMPRESSED us!
TOto not very happy because it was a VERY WARM SUNDAY!
And then I realised 24HOUR DIM SUM!
Ohhhhh HAPPY because I don't have to go GEYLANG if I have ODD hours craving ...
10minutes drive from my NEW home, happy!
We didn't have enough cash to try MORE food but guess what, we came to the same place again for SUPPER! We would have brought TOto along but he was just too tired to want to come out!

The Dim Sums are not SPECTACULAR, and a tad salty but then it's a convenient place to satisfy weird timing cravings! And of course, because I can bring TOto along.  

The Cheong fun was good, think and juicy!

So far Sembawang and Thomson are choked full of pet friendly ALFRESCO ...

19 Sembawang Road, (S)779075

Saturday, April 12, 2014

928 Yishun Laksa @ Yishun Central

Looking for Paint Shop in Yishun only to realised the shop houses right infront of the bus interchange were already not there anymore so LUNCH TIME. The last time we were here a few years ago, we were rather dissappointed, but it seems like the laksa has gotten better over the years!

The soup is thicker and the laksa taste is stronger than the last time we were there!
Plus there were 2 Pet grooming store nearby, but then I groom TOto myself, hahahaha.
I just love the Laksa there ...

TOto is just bored, and it was almost 3PM and I hasn't fed him, he is getting irritable.
Oppps chop chop finish and go home for his brunch too.
I am not trying to kill him, he woke up at 12PM, and we immediately brought him out.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Soon Kee Duck Rice Eating House

Looking for Lunch places where TOto can be accomodated, and I cannot remember why we ventured here at Upper Thomson but I remember there were a few 'famous' eatery here and the duck rice being one of them. I was a braised duck fan because mom braises duck TOO OFTEN but daddeee LOVE braised duck, so there we go! 
It was another freaky HOT and HUMID duck, arrghhhh ...

As long as TOto is with me everything taste GOOD!

908H Upper Thomson Rd (Thong Soon Rd), SINGAPORE 787111

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Yes, we have had him for FOUR YEARS!
And I almost forget this is my 10 years post Stem cell transplant!
WHY daddeee never give us a HUGE CELEBRATION of US in his LIFE?
Hahahaha ~
I am just glad I am 'LIVING' and with TOto ...
When I first held him in my arm 4 years ago!
How did that furry ball become a furry PIG?
Hahahaha ...