Saturday, April 12, 2014

928 Yishun Laksa @ Yishun Central

Looking for Paint Shop in Yishun only to realised the shop houses right infront of the bus interchange were already not there anymore so LUNCH TIME. The last time we were here a few years ago, we were rather dissappointed, but it seems like the laksa has gotten better over the years!

The soup is thicker and the laksa taste is stronger than the last time we were there!
Plus there were 2 Pet grooming store nearby, but then I groom TOto myself, hahahaha.
I just love the Laksa there ...

TOto is just bored, and it was almost 3PM and I hasn't fed him, he is getting irritable.
Oppps chop chop finish and go home for his brunch too.
I am not trying to kill him, he woke up at 12PM, and we immediately brought him out.

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