Sunday, September 30, 2012

Autumn 2012 ...

Cool rainy starts to Autumn 2012 ...

TOto loving the cold but NOT the rain though, but no worries there won't be alot of rain here in Texas!
Mammeee on the other hand loves the rain!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ear or ???

I think those Hairy 'Ears' just looks like 'Horns' growing out of his head!
I wonder, "What devilish plan is he conjuring up again!?"

Thursday, September 27, 2012


"Hello mammeee, TOto is still IN the car!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shopping in Home Depot

Home Depot is one of those Housewares DIY store that we can bring TOto in but we don't want TOto to 'accidentally' peed himself or do any damage so we preferred him in the trolley pushcart. BUT he hates the trolley pushcart, because I think he still hasn't figure out how to balance himself when the cart is on the move OR he has 'SECURITY' issues!

So when we are walking, I will be carrying him and when we stops that is when we placed him in the cart for me to rest my hand!

While in the cart, we realised TOto has ALOT Of expression for a furry kid!

All the 喜怒哀乐 is in the pictures shown below!
(Happy, Angry, Sad, Smilely)
He is so funny!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grooming TABLE!

After grooming TOto for 2years plus, I finally have a REAL grooming table!
TOto is too HUGE and HEAVY for me to handle him in just my lap. It will always ends up looking like we have had a WRESTLING session with me 'scissor' wrap his head under my thigh while stripping him! And the constant bending down to strip him is killing my back! And after 2 years I should have 'earn' my table right!? Well, we bidded the table from eBay and I think Hub pays about USD80+ for it.

I still don't know whether he likes the table or not, or will he REFUSE to use them!?
TOto looks HUGE on the table!
Makes the table look so TINY!
My furry white monster!
Hopefully I feels better to strip him soon ...

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Usually we see TOto from the room, this is how he look from outside ...
"mammeeee is looking AT U!"

Saturday, September 8, 2012

@Fort Worth and Arlington

The weather finally got better ...
@24C, we definitely have to get out of the house!!

So we choose an event from the long list available.
The plan is to go for a relaxing event today and bring TOto out for a swim session tomorrow.

So we drove to "Embrace the Street" @ Race Street, Fort Worth.
It is almost an hour drive away ...
But when we arrived, the place is rather empty ...
I think we arrived too early ...
There wasn't much pop-up stores about ...

Although the wind is cooling but the sun ray is a killer ...

There was a small area separated off to be a small dog park area but there wasn't any dog inside for TOto to play with.
Slowly an Adoption event starts to move-in ...

And we saw 8 puppy mutts waiting to be adopted!
Puppies, SO CUTE!
A food truck ...
It was hot, and the street is chuck full of broken glasses on the sidewalks. 
And there are lotsa of prickly weeds/seeds that were stuck onto TOto's bum and paw. We spend some time pulling out these prickly weed/seed thingy off TOto's fur and paw. These things are so sharp, they prick and bleed me while pulling it off TOto. So we got really irritated at the environment and left shortly ...

But we still had some time to take an interesting reflection of us ...
Felt abit cheated by the 'event' and thought that the 1 hour drive here is wasted.

So we decide to drive about another 20minutes to Arlington, TX to the new Paragon Outlet that just open up on Labour Day a few weeks ago!
Luckily we brought TOto's zippy stroller!
He don't really enjoy being inside but still when 'requested' he jumped into it and sat quietly inside the crate throughout the whole window-shopping trip!
Luckily the outlet is shaded!

TOto attracted ALOT Of attention young and old ...
Most people do not expect to see a furryboy inside the stroller and when they realised TOto is inside they will alway break into a smile. At one point inside Bloomingdales, TOto has 4 staffs oooooohhhhing and aaaaaahhhhing infront of him! TOto is a good sport as well, he just sat quietly inside.
At the end of everything, TOto is just too tired mentally ...
And he slept for the rest of 1 hour drive home ...
Hopefully he is UP for the swim event tomorrow ...