Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grooming TABLE!

After grooming TOto for 2years plus, I finally have a REAL grooming table!
TOto is too HUGE and HEAVY for me to handle him in just my lap. It will always ends up looking like we have had a WRESTLING session with me 'scissor' wrap his head under my thigh while stripping him! And the constant bending down to strip him is killing my back! And after 2 years I should have 'earn' my table right!? Well, we bidded the table from eBay and I think Hub pays about USD80+ for it.

I still don't know whether he likes the table or not, or will he REFUSE to use them!?
TOto looks HUGE on the table!
Makes the table look so TINY!
My furry white monster!
Hopefully I feels better to strip him soon ...


  1. I can totally relate with you about the back aches and joint pains... Grooming Miss Maple is physical exercise! I would really like to have a grooming table as well, but we don't have the space for one now :( Good to see that TOto has gotten so comfortable with the new equipment!

    1. Hi Maple momsie,
      The table leg is foldable, so can be kept in the storeroom easily!