Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sentosa and Happy 3 bites cafe

Sentosa again because Miaomiao wants to come swimming!
It was Miaomiao first time swimming in a beach but she jumps in and starts weaving IN and OUT like a dolphin. The salt water doesn't even bother her and she doesn't pant as much; but she still wants to bitch TOto even in the water haahahaha ...

TOto just wants to enjoy himself with me and YQ. 
There is a adoption event going on ...
IT WAS SO HOT but we still spend about almost 2 hours in the water!

Everyone one of us is famished and we decide to go to a PET cafe at Everton Park; Happy 3 bites cafe. 

A Small cosy cafe, when we visited; there are birds, cats and hamster inside.
Impressive but then the area is very small, and there isn't a dedicated area for pet to play or run about. So no fun for the furrykids but then again the 3 furrykids are too smashed out ...

The food we ordered and tried ...

TOto was hiding at one corner with me or daddeee because he was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo TIRED! But still I know he has enjoy his day ...
Sweet dreams TOto ...

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ohayo come visit!

TOto is so tired ...
September is PACK with so much activities!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

World Farm @ Bah Soon Pah Road

Gotten to know this 'farm' from a neighbour and I was shock; totally didn't this place exist and the plants and flowers here are so much cheaper compared to Thomson!! 

And the variety, WOW~
Shocked that such places still exist in Singapore ...
The ground were wet so we have to carry TOto ...

So pretty, love to get some flowers and plants in the near future!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sembawang Dog Park and Holycow Creamery

Sembawang Dog Park with Miaomiao and Ohayo!
But Miaomiao kept hiding underneath the chair!
Surprisingly OHAYO too!
Is it a furrygals thing?
They don't really like to run about and have fun?

Walked them about and also to Sembawang beach ...
It takes so many snaps to get one good one!

Who has the BIGGEST smile?
Doesn't TOto look just like the 老大?
Hahaha he has now 2 more minions ...
Off we go for Ice cream!

It's nice to know I can bring TOto to have ice cream near where we live but it will be better if they open one right downstairs where we live, I will sure go almost everyday hahahaha!
Made some meatballs for the gang and it is a BIG HIT!
Even Ohayo finished everything ...
The biggest winner of course is TOto ...
He sure loves staying here now that we get to know more furrykids here.
Rest well TOto ...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sembawang Dog Park Opening Ceremony!

Finally we have a dog park at North part of Singapore, I was still hoping it will be at Yishun but well Sembawang is close enough! 

Oska daddeee bought 2 tickets for us and there were goodie bags, dessert and even soya milk!
A good number of people attended the event!

The park was clean but still lack of some essentials like dustbins, lightings, waterpoint but can't complains because at the very least the park is big enough for a good round of fetch!
There were also trees for shade!

We participated in a run to mammeee game and TOto won us $10.00 plus we also got lucky and gotten a $10 lucky draw too!
I am always very happy to see TOto this tired!
We'll be at the dog park VERY OFTEN!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New furrygal on the block!

Meet Ohayo the Japanese Spitz ...

She is 5 and TOto new furrygal friend ...
The 2 has still yet to warm up but furrygals seems to be very temperamental hahaha!

Friday, September 5, 2014

VIP grooming ...

It started on Dadda lap ...
But ends up in mammeee~
Because mammeee has the most comfy thigh!
Arrghhhhh ,,,