Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sembawang Dog Park and Holycow Creamery

Sembawang Dog Park with Miaomiao and Ohayo!
But Miaomiao kept hiding underneath the chair!
Surprisingly OHAYO too!
Is it a furrygals thing?
They don't really like to run about and have fun?

Walked them about and also to Sembawang beach ...
It takes so many snaps to get one good one!

Who has the BIGGEST smile?
Doesn't TOto look just like the 老大?
Hahaha he has now 2 more minions ...
Off we go for Ice cream!

It's nice to know I can bring TOto to have ice cream near where we live but it will be better if they open one right downstairs where we live, I will sure go almost everyday hahahaha!
Made some meatballs for the gang and it is a BIG HIT!
Even Ohayo finished everything ...
The biggest winner of course is TOto ...
He sure loves staying here now that we get to know more furrykids here.
Rest well TOto ...

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