Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random August 2012 ...

Summer is really BAD, and we didn't do much with TOto.
We are waiting for the weather to get better, and all doggies swimming event and coming real soon in September! We are looking forward ...

Now we look backward to random photographs of TOto in August ...
TOto's view of a rainy night ...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cooper reunited!

Weather has been really bad here in Texas; extremely hot ...

After we walked TOto in the evening, we decide to go out for our grocery shopping. When we return home after that, the weather was so good; we decide to give TOto his 3rd walk of the day! Usually his 3rd session is only just for a potty session. But the weather is so good, we decide to walk him again because we know TOto will enjoy the nice breeze after the rain just now. And by then it was about 11.45pm! 

We came to the same round-about where I spotted Chikita's owner. I saw a Black/brown Lab ran across the road with his collar and harness, but here wasn't any Human beans around.
Something is not right, and we decide to go check it out.
We 'command' TOto to find the Black Lab!
When we are close enough (right cross a small road), we decide to let the Black Lab approach TOto, and as usual; TOto is just a "LOST DOG magnet"! 

Even if the Black Lab doesn't trust us, Human beans; he sure trust TOto!
After the introduction period, the Black Lab trottered around us, but following tight ...

Slowly we gained his trust and we managed to leash him while I carry TOto. After leashing him, we checked his tag; his name is Cooper and yes, there is a contact number. So while walking Cooper, Daddeee tried calling but no one picked up the phone! We are quite disappointed and decide to just walked Cooper around the neighborhood because we know he is LOVED and his owner must be looking desperately for him.

By then TOto is tooooooo heavy, so I left for home to get a 2nd leash and some water for Cooper. By the time, I met up with Daddeee again; he managed to get his owner over the phone. Luckily they stayed near us and finally we managed to reunite them ...
(Please ignore mammeee in her almost pyjamas and no-makeup face!)
Such a weird adventure in the middle of the night 12.30am!

Cooper's owner has been walking Cooper at the park outside our community too! And Cooper has gotten lose and was disoriented by this moonless night. But when we find Cooper he was running towards his home too and when we managed to gain his trust; it is actually right outside his unit! So Cooper knew his way home from the park outside but we are still happy to know we help a family get their pooch back safely!

We hope if such unfortunate incident happen to us, we get the same kind of karma back! 
A good lesson for TOto to be close to us at anytime!

I remember on the day when I find Chikita, I walked TOto at an odd, unusual timing too!
Luckily Daddeee is with me, if not I sure wouldn't know how to handle such a HUGE lab dog ...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Goo'de Morning ...

A grouchy TOto in the morning, refusing to wake up ...

Friday, August 3, 2012

@2.5 years old

I look at TOto and I cannot believe he is 2.5 years old.

I still remember all the mixed feelings about getting a furkid and all the horror stories that we hear about having dogs! We wanted to get a furkid but we hate to have to deal with a rowdy one who cannot control their destructive desire or maybe one who just likes to 'mark' about or even a noisy barky one! I have friends whom have dog in their home, and their home just smelt like a 'Kopitiam' Public toilet! That is the worst fear I have, I am not a clean freak but I don't want my home to smell like URINE!

And TOto exceeds all our expectation and by SO MUCH MORE.
He really, really, REALLY gives us alot of joy and loves, and we wonder ...
"Did he owe us big time his previous lifetime and he has come back this lifetime to payback, or did we owe him 'REAL BIG TIME' in our previous life-time?"

Alot of time, he just have to do something silly and both of us just smile looking at him which explains why a furkid at home reduces so much stress and tension! Serious sometime, he doesn't has to do anything; I just have to look at him sleeping and I break into a smile ...
Daddeee says mammeee am "老黄" because I keep praising TOto saying that he is the best!
But but but, I really cannot help it hahahaha!
I know deep inside, Everyone feels that way about their own furkid ...

The below picture shows, TOto @ about 4-5months old? 
Look at Turtle's size, Turtle's head is almost the size or bigger than TOto's head then ..
Now my only fear is, "What will happen to me when TOto has to leave one day ...."
Can time just goes slower?

"TOto, next life time come back to be mammeee's little boy in any form too ok?"

Thursday, August 2, 2012

46C/115F !!??

Everyday it feels just like a HUGE sauna room here!
If we are lucky there will be a slight BREEZE, but it is still freakishly warm. But at least, the breeze will prevent the BUGS from getting to us. Without the breeze, it just feels CHOKING (hard to even breath in the warm, thick air) and itchy everywhere (Bugs here and there due to the weather)! 

So we can only bring TOto down after the Sun's has set but it has been setting later and later. 
And recently we can only bring TOto down at about 8.30pm!

TOto loves fetch so much, but the way I see him huff and puff, it looks so scary; like his heart is bursting and might just drop dead. But he wouldn't stop and continue to bring his ball ball for you to throw!!
When is SUMMER ending?
It just gets worst every year ...