Thursday, August 2, 2012

46C/115F !!??

Everyday it feels just like a HUGE sauna room here!
If we are lucky there will be a slight BREEZE, but it is still freakishly warm. But at least, the breeze will prevent the BUGS from getting to us. Without the breeze, it just feels CHOKING (hard to even breath in the warm, thick air) and itchy everywhere (Bugs here and there due to the weather)! 

So we can only bring TOto down after the Sun's has set but it has been setting later and later. 
And recently we can only bring TOto down at about 8.30pm!

TOto loves fetch so much, but the way I see him huff and puff, it looks so scary; like his heart is bursting and might just drop dead. But he wouldn't stop and continue to bring his ball ball for you to throw!!
When is SUMMER ending?
It just gets worst every year ...


  1. OMG!
    That would kill me!
    Temperatures here only go above 30C a few days a year.
    And even in the middle of summer, night temperatures can easily fall below 10C.

    Last January (middle of summer here) we actually had frost for several nights. :O

    1. @Toto-mum, We were from Singapore and already consider a 'HOT' country but we never expect Texas to go UP To 46C and the highest we experience is 48C! Praying hard for Summer to END SOON!