Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Modelling for Daddeee Transformer!

Daddeee having some fun with his Asus Transformer's camera using TOto as his 'model'!
Training TOto with some modelling move?
TOto very cool de don't have a smiley face!

Friday, May 27, 2011

@ Lewisville Dog park 27.05.2011

We decide to get ourselves these portable chair to make ourselves comfortable in the dog park!
I usually don't like the shade area the park provides; those areas are typically very dirty!!
TOday is a very warm day, just running a while TOto is very tired.
Look at how he rested himself on me, and his long long long tongue!

A schnauzer coming over to say hi!
Or maybe he is eyeing my Ice lemon tea!

A good day at the park ...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

TOto is still being GROUNDED!

Recently we are too lazy to go anywhere, and we have been trying to 'train' him to run within boundaries plus we had a great patch of greens just below our apartment! I will bring my portable chair, mp3 player, and TOto's water supplies and just let him to run lose in the small park area; staying within the pavement.
TOto knows that 'THIS IS HIS TERRITORY'!
We play 'Fetch' with him!
And he didn't bring back the ball, and decide to roll on it instead!
Lazy boy!
Everytime we play 'Fetch', he is always very 'smelly', by the time we want to throw the ball; he is already waiting halfway of the run! So we will purposely throw the opposite direction of where he is waiting!
From time to time, there will be a few familiar dogs to play with TOto and some owners would let loose their dogs to play with TOto and TOto only; because they trust that TOto will not elope with their dogs.

We guess this should be enough stimulation for him for the day ...
Usually we stayed for about an hour because if TOto gets too tired, he gets cranky and suddenly becomes abit 'kuku' and doesn't listen to recalls, and taking all the 'risk' that he is not allow to.
And we have to pull him by his leash to GO HOME!

But for most of the time, he is a perfect puppy!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TUrtle Love TOto too ...

I have to stop my dirty and greasy Cooking/Baking in the kitchen to snap this photo!!
Did you see what I see?
Look how good they are together!!
TUrtle's flipper is on TOto's shoulder!
OMG< so funny!
I didnt do that k, I was far far away in the kitchen!
They do the darndest thing together.
I don't even dare to bring TUrtle for a wash, what should we do if TUrtle goes missg?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

@ Lewisville Dog Park 21 May 2011

Although we say NO MORE DAYCAMP, but we did brought him out to the dog park; Saturday and Sunday!
With TOto's energy level, if he doesn't goes to Daycamp or Dogpark, me and Hubs will not get ANY SLEEP! But is so SUNNY, I have to hide under my shade.
It was not just me, ALL the Human Beans and K9 buddies are hiding under the shade too!
It was so crowded, I sat under my own umbrella! There isn't any K9 friends to play with TOto, so daddeee has to make do and be his buddy of the day!
TOto cannot leave his eyes off Daddeee for ONE MOMENT!
The RUN In the heat really wear TOto out.
He knocked out before we even reached home!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

TOto, just being a brat!

Friday, we woke up to TOto's whining in the livingmroom.

Recently for about a month of two, we have been lenient with TOto, trusting him to roam the house at night while we are sleeping. I almost wanted to do a 'Report' on how TOto is a 'Big boy' and can be trusted to roam the house but but but ....
TOto was whining and I had to wake Hubs up to check it out, and Hubs see TOto sitting at the patio door still chewing and playing with the bits that he had chewed off!! We guessed, he woke up early and was distracted by voices outside the patio, and his scratches for the patio door to be open went unheard by us. We supposed he would try to peek through the blind but the blind might have irritated him, and he started chewing on it and gotten the 'chewing' high!

TOto you are so busted!
We can see that he had fun chewing the blind and all the chewed parts are strewn all over the house. Initially, Hubs thought TOto was chewing wall again!

That is so NOT COOL, TOto.
Luckily we assessed the damage and it would cost us only about USD20-30!

TOto, NO DAYCAMP for 2 Weeks!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

TOto @ In&Out Burger

TOto was so knocked out by yesterday dog park, he slept the whole day away! But we still brought him out for a walk at a park near us. Castlehill park was beautiful but we went too late. So Mammeee couldn't get a good clear shot of the beautiful park but Mammeee did get a cool shot of the sunset.
We will definitely come again!
And after the walk, Daddeee decide to try his luck at In&Out burger! The queue was LONG but tonight weather was good and the queue wasn't as long as the previous few days that we saw. So Daddeee decide to try his luck! And from the start of the queue till the end, it took about 45minutes!

TOto was a good boy and waited patiently outside with Mammeee!
TOto heard Mammeee complaining that the burger was so-so.
Maybe they should just had the burger at the restaurant and not bring it home!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

@ Lewisville Dog Park - 05142011

Daddeee's car was sick and it took Daddeee the whole morning to fix it so we were stuck at home till late afternoon. BUT TOto was still brought in, to the Dog park for some weekend run and boy did he do EVERYTHING tonight!
He ran, fetch, catch and wrestle!

And, that is TOto's personal bag, all his; biscuits, toy, water, bowls are all in that bag hang high up on the fence! Haha such a cutesy bag for a 'Manly' dog!

This beautiful COrgi is TOto's favourite companion of the night!
COrgi is about the same height and built as TOto and they had fun playing wrestling!! In order to drink from TOto's bowl, he has to play with TOto!

In just ONE HOUR, it felt like TOto has ran for a full 3 hours!
Today is a good day in the dog park!
Today is one of the day, TOto has a continuous flow of play companion coming in that wants to play with TOto for the full one hour! A lucky day for TOto! 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Enjoying life at the Patio, as usual

Blogger was 'Down' and to resume ASAP post made after/on 11 May 2011 was deleted and I have to REDO this posts! Lucky not much is lost here! Arrrghhhhh ...
When I walked in on TOto in the patio and see this; I really don't know to 'LOL' or Roll my eyeball! But I am definitely running back to the living room to grab my camera for a  photography session to capture some precious memory!
I really don't know whether to 'LOL' or 'Roll my eyeballs'; maybe I DID both!

Some of the darndest thing he do!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's late, GO SLEEP!

After resting for 2 solid days, TOto's soul is back!
And now he cannot sleep at night!
Look at all the toys he brought in the bedroom!
I just SCOLDed him and he still walked out to bring in LEO!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mammeee is MINE!

TOto has to make sure all other doggies know mammeee is so Pwned by TOto!
So TOto just branded mammeee with his PAW!

Result of a 18lbs/9kg press!
'Signed' accepted.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beautiful Sat - Pt 2. Art Festival @ Cottonwood Park

Beautiful Sat - Pt 1. K9 Kerplunk @ Oak Point Recreation Center

I thought this would be a small scale event but I was so wrong it was a much bigger scale event than I thought. There were many stalls and the place is packed with people, stalls and dogs!

Look at the crowd!

Pictures heavy post, read on.

Beautiful Sat - Pt 1. K9 Kerplunk @ Oak Point Recreation Center

This is an annual affair in Plano, Oak Point Recreation Center but this year the events starts early, in May! Usually the event opens in summer when the Pool shuts it door for Spring! Well, it doesn't matter because our life just revolved around TOto!

Finally finish converting, editing and UPLOADING!

And continue for the pictures of the day!
"Beware" Pictures heavy post!
Read on.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

TOto's new bed ...

TOto loves the new US$10.00 bed we bought for him from Bonton.com! It seems like the price has increase to US$14.00, haha maybe to cover for their 'Free shipping' coupon that is floating online!

The first night we introduce the bed to him ...
27"L x 36"W x 4"D
He was sleeping so deeply on it!
Snuggling tightly, on the next day afternoon ...
And flipping, snoring away on next day night ...
The material of the bed is like its price, so don't expect orthopedic quality. It just feels like a Walmart US$5.00 pillow! BUT,no matter how much he loves the new bed, he would still be sneaking onto our bed in the middle of the night! Bleah ~

Thursday, May 5, 2011

TOto and thunderstorm!

A Good Read ...
Reducing Fear in Your Dog
A gentle hand or a tasty treat doesn’t reinforce fear, it reduces it
By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
I totally agree with the writer that petting dogs who fears the thunder doesn't reinforce its fear! For the past 2-3 weeks Texas has been having Thunderstorm warnings. And one thunderstorm night, I woke up to TOto staring out into the window shivering!! I was so tired I couldn't wake up totally but I lay myself beside him and started to pet his chest and soothe him to sleep. (It was during his diarrhea period, till now we wonder did the thunderstorm caused it?)
Ever since TOto is a puppy; squatting down and petting his chest has been my method of soothing away his fear of everything; strangers, fierce dogs, children's shouting or machinery!
And it always works! The petting calms him down enough, for TOto to summon his courage to approach his fear!

After the first storm experience in the middle of the night, me and hubs have been very mindful of thunderstorm that might be coming at night. We make sure that we are awake if ever there is a midnight thunderstorm! But luckily, the rest of the thunderstorms are either in the afternoon or early evenings!

During Thunderstorm, TOto's first reaction would always be running towards me and sat beside me, and I will start to pet his chest. The first few times, TOto would shivered very badly, he shivered so badly it almost feels like he is having a seizure. But even then he will still be on ALERT mode, surpressing his fear; sitting straight and ear high up!

Anyway after the 4th or 5th thunderstorm, TOto stop shivering and manage to walk out into the patio with me to LOOK and stare lightning in the eye!

It takes some time for the fear to dissipate but petting his chest does work! I don't think TOto has stop worrying about thunderstorm but he is not as scared as he is used to!

His forever 'Comfort-er' ...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our boy, our love ...

Recently we brought TOto into Home Depot. I was carrying TOto, 17lbs(8kg) dog because we did't know whether dogs are allow and TOto refused to sit in the trolley cart and TOto ONLY wants mammeee to carry him.

A lady walked pass and approached TOto. TOto warmed up to her easily and didn't bark or bite and starts giving her kisses. The lady was mentioning TOto has a very nice personality and was very calm.

I guess Dogs like Children, if you are patience with them, seldom shout or scold them and shower them with love. Their temperament will also be sweet, nice and calm!

Back to the lady, her dog pass away last summer and her eyes just TEARED when she see how nice TOto was! Gosh, I was stumped for words ~

That is how much loves one have for a dog here! I really cannot imagine the day TOto have to go before me, I'll be devastated! I cannot even chat with Hubs about TOto's death without tearing up, but the fact remains he will leave before us.

Now I truly understand, a dog is not just a dog or a friend, they are family.

TOto sleeping facing the door waiting for daddeee to come home from his soccer session!