Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beautiful Sat - Pt 2. Art Festival @ Cottonwood Park

Beautiful Sat - Pt 1. K9 Kerplunk @ Oak Point Recreation Center

I thought this would be a small scale event but I was so wrong it was a much bigger scale event than I thought. There were many stalls and the place is packed with people, stalls and dogs!

Look at the crowd!

Pictures heavy post, read on.

Mammeee is so thirsty, and daddeee has to go queue for Lemonade!
We have gotten use to having this trolley around to ease our load especially to carry TOto's water bottle! We wanted so much to train TOto to just sit inside the trolley too!

Doggie art!

A short walk TOto is so tired, so we find some ground to rest!

TOto was reward with Mammeee biscuits for being such good boys waiting patiently!

Spotted another 2 westies!

TOto was so pooped! He went home and automatically walked into the kitchen for clean up and his dinner. And right after that he automatcally walked into his crate and SLEEP without us ordering him to!
He slept throught Sunday and still resting on Monday while Mammeee is updating his blog!!


  1. I love heavy-photo posts! You three find so many fun things to do...I love seeing what your latest adventure was!

    Gus is just like TOto...after he's had a busy day, he needs a couple of days to recover.

    I also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on our Nice to Meet You post. It's been so great getting to meet you and TOto through blogging!

  2. Haha like I say our life revolves around him, and the other way round hahaha.

    I am so embarassed and keep referring you to Gus's daddy haha!

    Pleasure to meet you too! If hubs finally decide to go San Antonio for a vacation, I sure look through all your post again!!! Hahaha ~