Tuesday, May 24, 2011

@ Lewisville Dog Park 21 May 2011

Although we say NO MORE DAYCAMP, but we did brought him out to the dog park; Saturday and Sunday!
With TOto's energy level, if he doesn't goes to Daycamp or Dogpark, me and Hubs will not get ANY SLEEP! But is so SUNNY, I have to hide under my shade.
It was not just me, ALL the Human Beans and K9 buddies are hiding under the shade too!
It was so crowded, I sat under my own umbrella! There isn't any K9 friends to play with TOto, so daddeee has to make do and be his buddy of the day!
TOto cannot leave his eyes off Daddeee for ONE MOMENT!
The RUN In the heat really wear TOto out.
He knocked out before we even reached home!


  1. TOto reminds me so much of Gus in the way he can't take his eyes off us, either!

  2. LOL... I know what you mean when the Dad has to be our furkid's substitute playmate! Sometimes when we take Maple to the dog park, she may not find friends to play with... so my hubby will step in and run around with her. It's the sweetest thing to watch :)

    Looks like you guys had a great day at the park with TOto... he definitely looks like a tired and happy pup.

  3. @Lori
    It kinda of irritating haha and he sometimes whine like we are leaving him forever!!

    @Maple's mommy
    We are usually very lazy, so usually we will stand one at each end of the dog park and call out to TOto and let TOto do the running himself from one end to the other end!! Good for his 'recall' practise too!! Keke ~